Bramasole☀️ “Yearning for the Sun”

Sunset at “Casa de Cheetah”

HBO has been featuring one of my favorite movies lately “Under The Tuscan Sun”☀️Every-time I watch this flick, I want to board a plane to Italy and buy an Estate in Tuscany. Drink wine,eat yummy pasta, pick olives in the groves, shop in the markets, learn to speak Italian and buy a Vespa.

I love how Diane Lane’s different flocks🦩in the movie play an instrumental part in the reinvention of herself to rebound from a setback in her characters life and the renovation of the Estate “Bramasole “☀️From the group on the Tour Coach, the real estate agent, Katherine the Grand Dame, the pregnant bestie, the Italian fling in Portofino, the construction workers from Poland, the Olive grove owners and family, the wedding, to the American writer looking for Diane Lane that finds his way to Bramasole ☀️. Bramasole interprets to “Yearning for the Sun”☀️in Italian. Each person in “Frances’s “ (character name of Diane Lane)life, as colorful as they may be… help Frances to shine again and live her best life.☀️

Beautiful Portofino

Diane Lane’s openness to embracing the people …flocks if you will 🦩and experiences in this movie make me want to cheer for anyone that is at a crossroads in their own lives and going in a new direction !!! Unexpected life events can happen at any time and can be small or devastatingly huge and life changing!! When I reflect on my past and even now at the curveballs thrown to me… I realize that I have a cast of characters in my movie of life that I absolutely know I can count on to pull me through!!! And I can only hope that I can be that friend that helps friends walk in the sunshine again! That truly is what life is about☀️Picking up one another to see the sun shine again and again!

Adventure awaits☀️

Also the “Bramasole … yearning for the sun☀️” May require a few changes in life! At first change can be scary, exhausting … maybe even easier to stay in place! Change however for me…9 x’s out of 10 has brought excitement, new experiences,friendships and the sun shining again! Take the Leap of Faith if you are finding yourself wanting to do so…. you just may end up in your own Villa, with yummy pasta and wine and olives and the sun may be shining abundantly ☀️Take a Vespa ride to see a beautiful sunset. Don’t wait for a trip to Tuscany! Home should be beautiful wherever you make your Casa de Casa❤️ Create your own “Bramasole”🌞

Stay Healthy🦩Stay Well🦩Drink Strong Coffee and the Good Wine🦩and always follow Your True North🦩Flamingo Out🦩

Outlook Mostly Sunny at Bramasole ☀️Follow your ❤️

“Sign, Sign Everywhere a Sign, …Do this?Don’t do that ? Can’t you read the sign”? 🦩 I’m looking😳 daily…


The first time I heard the song “ Signs” I was probably 10 years old and In the backseat of the family mobile with my brother beside me singing the lyrics! The part about the “long-haired freaky people need not apply”… was very comical to me at that time in my life. I find it interesting that the song “Signs” was composed while the bands leader was On a Road-trip on Route 66 in the 60’s. The concerns of the hypocritical tones of the billboards at that time prompted the lyrics for Les Emerson. That song with its lyrics “ do this don’t do that, can’t you read the signs?”are a part of my daily routine and rides down my Route 8, Cleveland Road , I- 275 …. whatever Route in life is near!

One of my favorite “signs”

As long as I can remember I have always looked for signs for guidance and reassurance . Signs can come in all shapes and ways. 24-7! A few examples. ..I know several friends myself included look for cardinals and butterfly’s for signs. Daily motivational passages, the moon, emails, books, a text, flowers,phone call … the list can be endless ! Just yesterday I got a sign I needed to read from a friends Facebook post to give me peace about a decision. Messages or objects that give guidance, a boost, a lean toward which path or decision to make! A guide to follow your intuition. A compass if you will to steer a direction toward or away from something or someone! The signs may come from anyone, anywhere and be very pleasant surprises🌷and help with a bucket list ✔️.

The Mansion Turtle Creek is on my bucket list✔️

My brother in law was following my coffee mug posts on Facebook that I was posting when the pandemic and quarantine time came on strong to all of us! ☕️I knew my bro in law was sending me his special mugs from The Manson at Turtle Creek in Dallas. Randy worked at The Mansion at one point in his financial career and I know it was a great time in his life! I was seated in my villa where I could see the mailman bringing a package to the door! I thought to myself” if these are my treasured coffee mugs (that I’ve already received explicit instructions that they must be hand washed )… 😂I will take that as my push to start blogging! I was looking for a sign to get started! It took some courage for me to throw myself out there and start my blog! My degree is not in journalism, nor is it in psychology or life coaching! I’m not looking to be the next Oprah ! I just enjoy expressing myself through writing and needed a little sign to ✔️my list and get started! Sure enough the mugs were from my bro in law Randy !!! I got my “sign” and boost to get blogging!!! Oh by the way of course my brother in law has a nickname. Randal El was a player on the Steeler Roster! My bro in law is a Dallas Cowboys fan! It’s a perfect fit! Thanks Randal El for the boost! I’ll take good care of the mugs☕️

Hubs and my bro in laws with their Mom❤️Randal El is on the far left✔️🏈😘

I love looking for the Signs in life! Keeps me on the hunt and life interesting . Always searching for answers and guidance. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose! I’m thankful to be out there trying and thankful for the love and boosts and signs along the way!❤️

Stay Well🦩Stay Healthy🦩Keep Drinking strong coffee and the good wine In Flamingo Slippers🦩and always Follow your True North🦩Flamingo Out🦩

Bucket List ✅ Find the Joy in Your EVERY DAY LIFE☀️

I Haven’t Been Everywhere … but it’s on my list!✈️

The Movie “The Bucket List” came out in 2007. I know this fact because I recall that it is sadly the last movie I watched at a theater with my parents before my father passed.

I think fate played a part in having this be our last family time movie together from the discussion on the way home from the theater! The billionaire and the car mechanic who are complete strangers, meet by fate in a hospital room. They create a “bucket list” and set off and travel the world to check every box on their”list” before the billionaire and the mechanic “Kick the Bucket”. Of course very touching life lessons are in the film and much humor. The film inspired me to hit the skies and see the world and create a bucket list with trying Kopi Luwak coffee being on my list.

On the drive home from the movie theater, we were discussing our “lists” and dreams in what we liked best about the movie. My parents were listening intently to my rattling off cities, countries and trips that were going to get checked. My Father said to me “Kitty , I believe you will travel the world.. but think about the joy in your every day life list that you should “check”. My Fathers suggestion made me look at life differently and revaluate my thoughts and list.

The Big Guy and Mom – Adare Ireland

My Dad had suggested personal “bucket lists” to create and check. (With of course being #1 on the list to visit your parents often✅) My wheels were put in motion. Travel is always going to have a seperate list but my conversation with My Mom and Dad has sparked several goals and ideas.

Big Ben

I made lists for myself on fitness, reading, sports to try ,cooking, wines to try, spiritual habits and list of finding the joy in EVERY DAY LIFE☀️I love the thought of LIVING LIFE ABUNDANTLY and to just OWN IT!!!!

Flowers along the way💐

My “ lists” have made me want to do more laughing , smiling , wondering, Road trips, sunsets, eating, wine, music, dancing just plain old FUN! My most important list now is time with family and friends ! That truly is what brings me joy in EVERYDAY life! And I look forward to the hugs, smiles, tears, laughs…. everything that comes along with life!

My Joys in life ! Family ~Friends

Whatever goals, achievements are on your lists…. I truly hope they help you check the bucket list boxes and find the joy in your life – in your EVERY DAY life! And as Carter wrote to Edward in the movie-“ Let the Waters take you Home”.

Stay Well -Stay Healthy- Drink the good wine and strong coffee in your flamingo slippers and always always Follow your TRUE NORTH🦩Flamingo Out

When life gives you lemons, throw them at people. HARD. ~Thomas J. Montemarano…. or create a Nickname🍋 and A Memory

Hotel Splendido Portofino Italy
Throwing lemons on the Amalfi Coast🍋😂

The other day my Word Press app indicated to me that I had a message from a reader ! With my blog and the blogging world being new to me… a new message is exciting and fun to receive ! I read the message and did not recognize the formal name! I was intrigued! I did a little investigating to learn that my comment was from a very dear friend . A friend that I have only called by nicknames. I had to laugh because if my friend would have used one of her three nicknames she has from me, I would’ve know instantly who the message was from ! The comment and support from my friend lead me to thinking of Nicknames and the roles they play!

And let a nickname add to the plot!

I’ve always loved nicknames! I love to give them, have them and I like to know where and how they were generated! To me a nickname is from admiration and affection , a term of endearment ! I guess a nickname could be used negatively but I choose to believe or hope that they signify love❤️ and a memory!

A nickname comes with a million laughs along the way😂

A nickname or term of affection comes in many forms and fashions. Initials, animals such as a cat, reptile.bull, poultry or even zoo animals. A fruit or vegetable, a play on words and even a job description ! Nicknames can be in different languages and abbreviated. A music group, song and a memory can inspire nicknames !!!!

When I think of nicknames … I’m grateful for relationships that help me live life abundantly. I’m missing being with my family and friends. I’m ready to get out there and make memories for some more nicknames! I have a “Bos” out there that I would really like to hug right now and help her through 🙏 a rough road. I guess I’ll have to wait !!! But in the meantime….I’m reminiscing on fond memories and simpler times that a friend sparked with her support!

If you are lucky to have a fun loving Nickname!!! OWN IT!!! It is a blessing…even if it’s referring to the back hind of a horse 🐎😂 because believe it or not even that name for me I know is a term of endearment ❤️

Stay well, Stay healthy, Keep drinking the good wine and strong coffee in flamingo slippers and aways follow your true north! Flamingo Out🦩

It’s the little things in this walk of life…. jump in the puddles 🦩

Best part of life is the little things we find along the way

I have been lucky during this pandemic to be in a climate that has sunshine ☀️and warm weather . With all kinds of time on our hands … Rustin and I don our sneakers and hit the sidewalks. Soaking up the sun and taking advantage of our mostly sunny days. We have really logged the miles.

The disadvantage of being in my tropic paradise right now is I’m 1,000’s of miles from my best friend ,my Mom. I decided to take my Mom with us on our daily strolls by taking pictures as we exercise and post my finds on my Mother’s Facebook wall. The only rule to our “walks” is no duplicate pictures . Something fresh and new.

Butterfly’s along the way…

Because we are logging miles and going quite the distance…. we consistently travel the same paths. What I have noticed is that these walks really have opened my eyes and heart to find new pictures for my mom. A fresh outlook each walk. I love going with the challenge of an open heart and mind to notice the “ little things”. Don’t get me wrong, I admire the lovely homes with the well manicured lawns and and pristine gardens… however I’m finding that the “ awwwww” pictures… the daughter escorting her mom, the kids that play, the women cycling with her dog, butterfly’s, birds , the pictures can be endless and and the new daily finds turn out to be the best part of our walks.

My turn to help you Mom❤️
Love this dog … living his best life😃

My walks have me thinking of the endless list that make my heart happy and full. Things such as seashells, sunsets , the sound of the ocean, a call from a friend, naps,fresh cut grass, flowers in Folgers cans ,lemonade stands, fresh baked cookies, laughs, finding money in your pocket, porch swings,baths , puppies, sidewalk chalk art, clean sheets,smiles from strangers, oysters ,hugs,puddles … the list could go on and on!

I’m thankful for these walks that they have reminded me to be thankful for the little things and to jump in a puddle or two along the way during this walk of life. And I’m thankful for my mom for always telling me to “make my own happiness. “That bit of advice is really coming in handy now during this slow rolling time . Outlook for the walk is sunny for today so we will be hitting the sidewalks and hopefully a puddle or two along the way. And of course looking for “the Little Things”

Stay Well, Stay Healthy, Drink the Good wine and Strong Coffee in Slippers, keep following your TRUE NORTH. 🦩out




KID FLOCK?!!..How bout that play on words… I know, however please “work with me…work with me”( love that phrase stated from the choking scene that made the Heimlich maneuver famous in the movie Mrs. Doubt Fire) I’M A HUGE KID ROCK fan and Mr. Ritchie’s AKA KID ROCK’s song SLOW MY ROLL has always been my favorite.

How I became a Kid Rock Fan is another story, another blog, another day. The other evening I was yelling and I do mean yelling at my friend “Alexa” to play my favorite tunes. Of course the song SLOW MY ROLL was on the play list. I started thinking about the words to the song and how we have all had to SLOW OUR ROLLS ~ short term.


There are some aspects to this unexpected new found time of Slowing My Roll that I have enjoyed. I’m caught up on my reading and movies. I’m walking daily,reflecting and praying more than ever,made my grandmother’s homemade noodle recipe for the first time, eating healthy and checked a bucket list item for me of starting a blog. I’ve enjoyed my daily calls to my Mom and the zoom calls with friends across the miles.

The Hubs and I are surprisingly getting along quite well with this slowing our roll stuff and Pause Time learning to work through our new norm together. And I must tell you we do discuss how to keep our Roll Slowed over the 5:00 pm Cocktail Hour. Oh and one more new found item for me is i’m discovering I like Hendricks and Tonic with cucumbers. 🙂

However…there’s some aspects of this Slow Down that i’m struggling with and trying to change my focus and thought process.

The Daily Honey Do List

I don’t know about you, but other than my daily HONEY DO lists for Rustin…I find it EXTREMELY HARD to ask for help. There are only a few peeps in this world that I ask for favors. To me it’s a hard thing to do. I don’t know, why it just is. I can leave a list all day long for Rustin without blinking an eye but the “asking for help” from others is tough for me. My hang up of reaching out for help has lead me to think of the folks right now…that need help, truly need help and may not want to ask. What do I, We Do to help anyone in this time of need right now?

My actions and something i’m working on is as simple as this…DON’T ASK…JUST DO. I actually got this inspiration from a few folks, one being my 6 year old neighbor. Every day my little trouble but adorable friend draws me a picture on my drive way. I thanked my bundle of mischief the other day and I was taken back by her response”I just like to see you smile.” I thought to myself…”Wow”…How wise my “beyond her years friend” is and especially right now. I always feel better when I do something for someone. No matter how big or small the gesture; the outcome of a warm heart is always satisfying. I love to see and make people laugh and I love when i’m the one smiling and laughing. What I like to think about especially now during the Slow Our Roll Time….I’m going to take the lead from my artist neighbor and start with me and think of others with thought process being DON’T ASK…JUST DO and maybe make someone that needs help smile and feel a little bit better about our changed world. And maybe help someone feel loved and not alone during this time without having to ask for help. Could it be as simple as that?


  • Stay Well
  • Stay Healthy
  • Stay Safe
  • Drink the Good Wine and Strong Coffee with Flamingo Slippers
  • And Always Keep Facing YOUR TRUE NORTH
  • Flamingo Out

The Flocks of Life

Thinking about my Flocks

One may think that I have an obsession with and a house full of Pink Flamingos with the name of my blog being “FLAMINGO FLOCKS AND THOUGHTS”. Truth be told, two flamingo items are in the above picture. I have three tea towels, a decorative pillow and a bar of soap with the pink birds and that completes my collection. My FLAMINGO THOUGHTS started as most thoughts do…when one reflects.

I had a group of friends from Ohio coming to Tampa for long Girls weekend. I love to host house guests and visitors. I wanted my buds to have a memento to take with them to remember our time together. Something fun…something Florida…something cozy. My favorite part of house guests is coffee time in the morning. Everyone trickles downstairs at their leisure, “good mornings” are exchanged, the coffee pot is in sight, mugs are being pulled from the cabinet and the best conversations are about to take place as everyone is enjoying delicious and low calorie baked goods from the Local “Fav” Bakery. So you guessed it… my Fun, Florida, Cozy selection was Pink Flamingo Slippers. I loved seeing the hot pink, fuzzy house shoes roll into the kitchen every morning.

This EXTREMELY fun, life time memory making weekend happened this year March 5-9 2020…the weekend right before the world hit the pause button and the Quarantine Chaos is REAL. As I was sitting outside in my tiny (but I like to think of it as a bijou patio area,):) slippers up on the wall…sipping coffee…I was reflecting on the world and what is upon us now. Thinking about what will be the “new norm”. Terribly missing my family, my buds that just left me before this chaos started and all of my other FLOCKS in life. The word Flocks instead of the word tribe was chosen because of course my slippers.

FLOCKS in our lives can mean so much and make the world go round . A FLOCK can be FAMILY. Parents,Siblings, Spouse,Children,Nieces,Nephews, In-Laws, Pets. FLOCKS can be Friends in many various fashions. Friends that have become Family. Childhood, High School, College friends, Sorority sisters, Lunch club, Wine and Cocktail buds, Neighbors,Yoga and Workout partners, Shopping Mates, Book Club Friends,The Lucy and the Ethyl’s in this World, Best Buds and Bos’s. The list of FLOCKS is endless.

I found myself right after the quarantine period began, reflecting on how lucky I feel to have such wonderful FLOCKS in my life. And how now more than ever I want my FLOCKS to know that they are loved, appreciated and valued. And how much my FLOCKS are missed. We owe it to all the FLOCKS in our lives to take care of one another. Find and keep your FLOCKS and love them hard. Have each others backs…especially now. Never miss an opportunity to say a kind word, flash a beautiful smile, laugh, give a thumbs up for the encouragement of “You’ve Got This”. FLOCKS make the world go round and I for one am looking forward to when I can hug,cheers,laugh and look at any one of my FLOCK members and think…DAMN LIFE IS GOOD. LET’S DO LIFE. Even while we are on the Life Pause button…for now.


  • L LISTEN and be there for the above
  • O OPEN up your mind and heart and keep it OPEN
  • C CELEBRATE LIFE and everything about it
  • K KEEP ON KEEPING ON~ KEEP loving,laughing,trying, dreaming
  • S Stay Connected

Flamingo Out and Thanks for being part of my FLOCKS.