Turning Over A New Leaf🍁🍂

Awwwwww! My favorite time of the year is upon me! I absolutely love fall and all that comes with the season! Big sweaters, sweatshirts, leaves changing, drives just to see the vibrant colors,crisp morning and evening air, football, football food and the fresh, clean chill in the air! I even think my coffee taste better in the fall☕️ and so do manhattans🥃😀.

“Life Starts All Over Again Then It Gets Crisp in the Fall.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

With the start of a new season, I find myself wanting to turn over a new leaf! Pick up a beautiful oak leaf and turn it over to see what the stem and lines on the leaf are telling me!! I can feel changes coming on for me…. not quite sure knowing where and what my next adventures will be! With a new found energy from the Crisp Fall I have to embrace each step with enthusiasm and know that I’m on the right path! I have strong rocks for a path of guidance along the way to guide me! And if I step off and hit a puddle or two… the rocks are always there for me to climb back on board!

The Rocks at Kennebunkport with my Rock.. DAD😇

Fresh Starts and New Beginnings🦚

I love fresh starts and new beginnings! The adventures of the unknown and the lessons along the way! Part of the fun and challenge of life! It’s like raking leaves… lots of work, piles to jump in but the when they work is complete I will have a beautiful clear canvas .. then the leaves fall and you rake all over again! But it’s a pleasure because the air is crisp and the sun is shining🍁☀️and the rocks are always there!

Leaf work or life work at Moms🍁🍂always a Rock

Thankful for the Flock of Rocks along the way always! Enjoy leaf season! She’s a beauty🍂🍁☀️🦩

Stay Well-Stay Healthy-Keep Drinking good coffee and the good wine in flamingo slippers and find your True North! 🦩Flamingo Out

Life’s Theater… Take one📽

For the time of a Pandemic… one would think that excitement would be extremely minimal! This past weekend I had more excitement then I ever care to have again! A type of excitement that I feel somehow, someway I’m to learn from to play a new part in life! Take the stage with a new energy and exit stage left on negativity and sweating the small stuff !!!

Moms Kathryn Neal blooms

I’m thanking God for the reminder of how precious life truly is to have! Wake up every day and be thankful to get to go and start fresh, drink coffee with a breeze and share it with the sun☀️☕️

A reminder to not worry about what I can’t control in my Life’s Theater! I can only keep moving forward,working on myself and trying to make life and my cast of characters be the best that we can be! A reminder that this is not a dress rehearsal and to move forward and hopefully get to make it to Act II and I hope Act II will be a long one! Extra extra extra extra extra long! life’s to fun for it to be anything else…. FUN🎉🎉

To say “if you have your health is everything” sounds like a cliche until one does not!!! Health and safety is truly a blessing ! Perhaps life’s biggest! All the rest I think can be figured out with the right audience for this Theater of Life! I don’t want drama for my theater! Only God, health, family, true friends and signs along the way!!!

Gibson… the best sign!

Thankful for this day and every day!!! I need to go get my scene started in this theater of life! Today’s scene is about to commence !!! Here’s to a bright bright bright sunshiny day!☀️

Stay healthy and safe everyone and In this theater of life! Please know I’m thankful for my flock of characters! My true North is getting closer and closer!! That’s a good feeling☀️Keep drinking the strong coffee and the good wine🍷don’t wait for tomorrow ☀️Flamingo out🦩

If You Are Going to be an Ass…Be a Bad Ass👍💪

August 22nd 2020… a date I was really looking forward to has been changed due to covid 19! A special couple is getting married and thanks to Covid… there has been a change of plans for attendance! Not an easy decision but the right one🙏

Bad Ass Couple Megan and Matthew

Megan’s sister Makena asked a group of us to write our thoughts to Meg and Matthew since we cannot all be together on their special day!I decided to blog….

The Lynch’s

The Lynch family lives right down the street from us and certainly keep life fun, loving and interesting! Rustin and myself have gotten to know the two Lynch daughters very well and the new soon to be addition to the family …Matthew! I’ll never forget the time Matthew was explaining to me the wonderful cakes that a local celeb makes in town! I was told “Wendy Kromer is BAD ASS”! The comment struck me as comical as Wendy’s creations are very elegant but I loved how the term “bad ass”got right to the the point !!! So since that Day of Cake explanation …. Meg and Matthew have been to me … the” bad ass” rockstars🌟

To honor Makena’s very thoughtful request I want to tell you both Meg and Matthew that we will miss being with you on your special day but as always we will be there in spirit and cheering you all the way!

Meg… I know you will be beautiful as your smile is so so special! I can just see you on your handsome fathers(Scooty Pants) arm spying your handsome groom in the distance! Smile bright and smile proud as you deserve this day. And take in this time of having your Dad all to yourself ! Special moment❤️and my favorite part of the ceremony!!!

SP Lynch😂

Look over at your beautiful Mom who I know will look gorgeous in her gown and smile through her tears and your ever so proud Grandmother Delores that we all love and adore!

Smile and take in the moments of Shay Shay blessing your marriage and the special bond that will be created that day! Our Shay Shay is so proud to be there and I’m thrilled that you Three will have this special memory forever🙏❤️

Shay Shay Shower❤️😘

And love how Makena is in a dress AGAIN and standing up and smiling and supporting you as sisters will always do! Blessings indeed!!!

Thank you Makena for asking us to be there in someway for all of you! We adore all of you and we will be anxiously awaiting pics!!!

Meg and Matthew! This is your day… it may not be the way it was planned but it’s still your time to shine and have the best day EVER!!! Enjoy your fun and loving families!!!We are all with you and always will be and just think we have a year due to the “change of plans“ to plan a party!!! I promise that will be BAD ASS💪👍🎉🎉🎉🎉

Have the best day and can’t wait to clank a stem or two with you both when you are Mr. and Mrs. Roten❤️

Cheers🥂and Much love,Kitten and Cheetah

Empty Journals… A Canvas to life🦩and an Inspiration …

Empty pages … bring it on!

I actually was very psyched at the thought of turning 50🎉Frankly I’m thrilled at every birthday number as it truly is a privilege to be alive! Mike “ MadDog “ Adams sings it best”Everyday Above Ground is a Goooooood Day”!!!!

5-0 Party🎉🎉🎉

Turning 50 called me to really reflect on life! I reflected upon the many family and friends that inspired me along the way! The good, The bad and the Ugly. The events in my life that have taken place that have lead me to the lane that I find myself navigating !!

A gift with an inspiration!

I received a journal for my 5-0 Birthday from a friend that I admire in so many ways. Thoughts spoken from this friend are always concise, brief, confident… well spoken words. The note card inside the journal encouraged me to take the blank pages and use as a canvas to express myself. Personal journaling has become therapeutic and a way of life for me.


The other benefit of the journal was it brought to my attention that someone can inspire, influence, challenge, support and encourage a positive direction and may not comprehend the game changing gesture and the positive result that one can inspire!

And Believe in YOU!!!

Transcribing in my gifted journal opened up a new way of life for me and even took me to wanting to blog! I’m not going to be the next LG and nor am I looking to be anyone other than ME! My creative energy is flowing and to me that is healthy and fulfilling !❤️ This gift taught me to encourage others, lift them up, believe and inspire people to be their best …. their best! And not look for any thing in return other than to sit back and see the smiles! 😀

Wise words ❤️

Actions and words and gestures can lead to lasting impressions… things never forgotten! I’m going to take a cue from my wise friend to “keep living my life”… I’m going to try to be kind and choose my words and actions wisely….. hoping to bring out the best in myself and others!What life should be about! Time to go fill some more empty pages …and remember to watch my actions and words!! You never know who is listening and learning !

And your heart shine 🦩

Stay Healthy🦩Stay Safe🦩Keep drinking good coffee and good wine in flamingo slippers🦩and always follow your True North🦩Flamingo Out🦩

May you always Sing “Forever In Blue Jeans” bud💙

Someone has a 3-0 Birthday🎉🎉🎉

I met my life saver when Jon Ross was 5. I instantly felt Jon Ross and I were going to be fast friends on our first encounter! Jon Ross bounced a golf ball and it just missed his Grandma Norma’s window! I’m always up for mischief and Jon Ross’ Father whom I just started dating exploded at the bouncing golf ball action! Hilarious to me and Jon Ross quickly had me intrigued !!!😂

JR and The Jord❤️

Jon Ross and I began navigating life with each other. We did find a few bumps along the way but mostly we found common ground and I find I have an adorable little boy in my life with eyes that melt my heart and still do to this day!

I’m lucky that Rustin allowed Jon Ross and myself to figure out between the two of us the roles we were going to play in each other’s lives! Rustin sometimes had to be the mediator as JR and I did not and sometimes still don’t see eye to eye but for the most part … Rustin has let us go and duke out our way to each other’s hearts.❤️

My one and only son ❤️

Life can present challenges in ways that we never expect! My first encounter with Jon Ross I didn’t have a clue that Jon Ross would become my son and also my one and only! All I have ever really wanted to be in life is a Mom! Without Rustin and Jon Ross I would’ve missed out on the opportunity of a life time.

My Dudes❤️❤️

I don’t know that I’ve ever really thanked Jon Ross for accepting me in his life! For making me challenge myself to learn and grow and teach me about a special kind of love. The love of being a parent.

Love the Mischief❤️

Jon Ross turning 30 has me really feeling nostalgic and thinking about what an outstanding man JR has become! We have been in each other’s lives for 25 years. I feel so blessed to have had the time, memories, laughs, tears and life lessons with JR. My life has been enhanced in ways that I never thought possible and I owe so much of that from meeting Jon Ross.

#1 Steeler Fan🏈

Keep on keeping on bud! Keep loving your Pittsburgh Roots! Your Steelers, Pens and Pirates . Keep loving your Buckeyes. Keep loving your Fantasy Football League. I love how you have such passion for sports and your knowledge of so many different arenas of the sports world !! And I even say keep loving your WWE😳! You and your Dad still drive me crazy with that nonsense but I love your passion!

Once in a life time pic …. 🙏🏈
Always Up for Adventure!!!The dreaded canoe tip trip😳

Keep your sense of adventure bud! Your inquisitive mind and how it works is fascinating !!! Get out there and explore some more as soon as it’s safe to do so! Keep your little kid heart in you alive.❤️

Strive for the Best Always

Keep striving bud to be the best in your profession! I know you do every day! Your father and I are so proud of you!!! More than you will ever know!!!

Proud Papa❤️
Eye of the Tiger👊💪
Looking Good Gents

Keep your sense of style and the way you present yourself Bud!You always look so sharp. Keep your great hand shake and eye contact always. Your Dad has one of the best handshakes and that’s a great first impression! You learned from the best!😘❤️(hopefully soon we as a nation will be shaking hands again 🙏)Also Keep up the love of coffee☕️I always Look so forward to our pots of strong coffee and our morning conversation. Love that we both love coffee with such passion❤️☕️

Morning coffee and out the door for work
Buds Make the World go Round❤️

I love how you keep in touch with your buds! Buds make the world go round🦩 COME HOME MORE OFTEN😘 We miss you!!!

Thinking about our True Norths🪐🌏🌞

I always speak of finding your True North! Your inner compass and what makes you the unique YOU as there can only be ONE of you bud!! I wish for you that you continue to have joy in your life in your values, passion and loves! Live and love your best life!!! OWN IT!!!! You deserve the very best…. and Jon Ross… thanks for letting me be your Tey! It’s the biggest privilege to have you in my life and may you forever remember And Sing Forever in Blue Jeans bud! Happy 3-0 Bud and thanks for letting me be a Mom to you❤️

Happy 30th Bud 🎉🎉🎉❤️😘 we cant wait to see you😘❤️

Sell Crazy Someplace Else… we are all stocked up here 😜

Who knew Jack Nicholson’s line… “ Sell Crazy Someplace Else… we are all stocked up here!” from the movie “ As Good as it Gets” would be a fitting tag line for my thoughts this morning !!!

Morning Coffee Blues☕️

My view this am is magnificent and I’ve already said my thank you prayers to God for this wake up scene and my great cup of coffee! However… my heart is heavy and for once I’m going to allow myself to let that be alright this morning! My mind, heart and soul are whipped right now! Sleep is not going to cure my tired body !!! I need to decompress and compartmentalize. I think most of us do! Time for me to step back, reflect. Then get back up and stand on the ground !!!

People are people and will say and insinuate their ideas and thoughts on others. Some are friends , family , acquaintances , folks on TV…. happens all the time! The quote “Be Kind…. we never know what people are going through “ is so so true! But so is my thought process “Choose Your Words and Actions Wisely“….. Words,expressions and thoughts leave a lasting impression ! Words, expressions, thoughts and how we make each other feel is the key to life! We all hold keys to one another’s hearts. Keys only work when they go in the right -positive – direction!

I’ve given a key to a lot of flock members! Please try and go gently with me right now and I’ll try and do the same! I have a lot of concerns for some key flockers 🦩right now…. my heart and mind is heavy! I think we all have a list! Please remember to be kind and watch how we turn keys! Usually when one turns a key it’s to enter into a sacred sanctuary …. our hearts our sacred! Let’s watch out for our hearts and one another …especially now❤️ 🦩🦩🦩😘🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Trying to Get Back to following my True North! I’ll Get There … I owe it to myself to do so
Flamingo Out🦩

Life Really Can Change in….A …Second

Shrimp cocktail was prepared, ✔️ Rustins Favorite Veggies chopped and were plated with his favorite veggie dip✔️Baked potatoes were in the oven✔️mushrooms with white wine sauce were on the stove✔️… steaks were seasoned!!! ✔️The phone rings…..

6 car accident on the Turnpike!!! Rustins car was one of them … Rustin is alright !!!! Every driver and passenger walked away!!!!Time stood still, my heart stopped as my brother answered the phone! Thank You God for letting Rustin be safe and I still have my best friend and husband!!!! Thank You God for Jon Ross to still have his father for Fathers Day and hopefully for many many more! Let this be a reminder that life is fragile, can change in a minute and thank you God for letting me hear my husbands voice on the other end of the phone!!! 🙏Thank you for the reminder that life is about our loved ones, the importance of being there for one another and showing love and kindness every day because truly every day we see our love ones face or hear their voices…. is what makes our world go round! Hug your flocks today …. even virtually! Let them know they are loved, valued and treasured! And understatement of the Year… So unbelievably grateful for second chances!

King Flamingo🦩🙏🙏🙏😀

Talk about following your True North🙏🙏🙏🦩 Every Day Truly is a Gift. Thank you God for the gift and privilege of life and my wonderful flock that surrounds me🦩

Wearing Browns Gear for Our Browns Fan that kicked Cancer🙏🦩

Ingredients for a Flamingo Flock 🦩🍸

I must say that I am honored to be Kitty’s first guest blogger! Everyone calls me Anners but for Kitty it is GP🥰

As I sit here on my back porch listening to the birds chirp on this cool Monday morning thinking about the prefect ingredients for the cocktail, my mind wanders back to the year that Kitty flew into my life.

The love of social drinking not social distancing was a game changer as Kitty would agree on. She took it to another level and made it classy! This I feel she learned from her mother, Big Kat as we all call her. What a classy lady she is! But, back when I met Kitty in 2008 the word social distancing was not even in our vocabulary. Our Book Club/BestCellars, our Faithsharing Group, yes we do have mimosas now and then while we cook lunch together, and our Socials are mostly centered around the love and respect we have for each other. Yes, we enjoy our wine over a good discussion and sometimes even cook. But most of all we love just being together like a special Sisterhood! We have ingredients that each of us have helped make us the group we are and have become 💞

Scotch was the ingredient that brought us three together. Oh how we miss our Joycee💞

Back in March, most of us migrated down to Tampa for a “sisterhood” visit to Kitty’s and thus the everything Flamingo commenced 🦩 Those slippers that appear in Kitty’s blogs were the start and I do feel her inspiration. So now I find myself with the challenge to help concoct the recipe for the Official Flamingo Flock cocktail 🦩 Oh our Kitty knows me well with my crazy creative mind😉

Here’s to all of you out there that know our Kitty and have concocted a special friendship with her🥂

And here’s the recipe for the official Flamingo Flock🦩

2 1/2 oz. of vodka, 1/2 oz. of St. Germaine, dash of grapefruit bitters, 1 1/2 oz of grapefruit juice. Fill a shaker with ice and pour the Ingredients in and shake till the shaker gets frosty. Pour into your fav vessel and add a float of Prosecco, stir with a flamingo pick. Enjoy🦩

Slainte GP☘️

Game Changers…Best Your Best🦩

It was another hot Tampa evening and I was outside on my patio craving a cold beverage for the soon to be daily Covid 19 Cocktail Hour! A winter drink favorite of mine was appealing to me and I thought of my Gal Pal in Ohio that always has great recipes to Craft perfect Craft Cocktails! My GP does a 12 Days of Christmas Craft Cocktail post on Facebook around the Holidays that is a trailblazer for any Cocktail Hour! A few of the recipes call for snow…. yes snow for the chilling of the glasses and also recipes! I’ve tried the concoctions… delicious!!! My Manhattan craving lead me to texting my friend for the perfect mix! No doubt my friend added the perfect suggestion!

Hey GP!! I prefer Black Walnut Bitters!

A quick text came back with our usual recipe that we imbibe but the add of the Walnut Bitters was new to me! Since I did not have the bitters I had to wait til my amazon order arrived !!! The “Prime “ wait was well worth it as my addition of The Bitters became a game changer🥃Best game changer ever for Manhattans🥃🥃for me!

GP is on the far right …1-2-3 Scotch Sisters🥃🥃🥃🙏

I had to share with all of my Manhattan buds the new find!!! The perfect add to our bars for us to enjoy!!! The “game changer” of a cocktail in a fun way made me think of how “Game Changers “play a Significant role in every day life. Game Changing Fun as in cocktails and Game Changing As in life lessons and or roles that can help one to be their best … Best!!!

The first time I heard the words “Game Changer” ESPN was blaring in the background in my Media room. The Words “Game Changer” were used to describe a sports star adding something special to his or her performance on the field or court! I Always thought the term was catchy and appropriate !!! I myself have adopted this way of thinking to my life and circumstances! I love to think of Game Changers and the roles they play in life! Game Changers challenge me to be the best of my Best!!! Or Add the best of the best to my life. One of my Game Changers happens to be a little boy that came into my life at his age of 5… JR is now my one and only son. My Game Changer is soon to turn a new decade.🎉

My Two challenging Game Changers❤️that help me to be best… my best!

I love most when Game Changers are people !!! Folks that enter your life at different times and maybe when least expected! Game changers can be positive or negative in life but if the end result is a challenge to be your best … to Best Your Best so to speak then the introduction was a success! A GAME CHANGER🦩

Game Changer travel with Experiences in Nature! Best …my Best❤️🦩
Travel Bestie= Game Changer🦩

Life experience can come from different friends, countries, food, people, travel,books, recipes, Book Clubs, Road trips,articles, conversations, commercials , campfires, lunches, colleagues , wine time, Happy Hours, social media, …. etc! Almost anything that is in our lives can become an experience and may provide us with Game Changing thoughts and experiences ! These interactions may last a life time !!! And help us to become our Best …. Best!

Friends for 68 years! Game Changer Friends with Uncle Bun’s Game changer Old Fashions🥃🦩
The Bag Pipe Player was a Game Changer for my Mom along with a Game Changing group of GP’s🦩
Bon Fire Sing Along with Dear Life Time Friends – Best … Best🔥🦩
Travel Memories~Game Changers🦩
Girl Trips- Soul Trips-Game Changers🦩
Go To First Person in Life-Game Changer ! Best… my Best🦩
Sleep Over at Moms❤️Game Changer🦩Best…My Best
Colleague Bonds✈️Game Changer. 🦩Best My Best
Fun Factor Times🦩Best My Best

I love capturing Game Changer pictures and reminiscing on the memories and feelings left behind in my heart, mind and soul. I also think it’s important to let others know if they Game Change, enhance and make me think a different way or make me My Best…. Best🦩

Mr. Walker
Knoch High School Game Changer🦩

I was out walking yesterday as I’m visiting my Mom and getting in my daily walk. I was meeting a High School/ college friend that morning to catch up over a stroll . I happened to go by the residence of a former Guidance Counselor of mine from my Beloved Knoch High School. I loved High School days and most Everything about my time in Saxonburg PA. I feel lucky that it was a good experience filled with life time friendships. I recalled a life lesson as I was passing by my former educators home. Mr. Walker held me accountable for my misjudgment and inappropriate actions on one of the last days of my senior year. I will never forget Mr. W’s words and challenge to know right from wrong and to always try to do “right by people” and have integrity. I took a minute before meeting my friend Jackie to thank Mr. Walker for making a difference in my life… A true Game Changer. Thank you Mr. Walker for holding me accountable ! Your ethics,beliefs and knowing I knew right from wrong… changed my life! Thank You.🦩you left a positive mark in my life and heart and are a Game Changer for me. Thanks for believing in me!

Thank you Mr. Walker
KHS Game Changers🦩Best My Best

I encourage everyone to think about game changing events, people, friends, fun factors and yes cocktails! What ingredients make a difference in your life? What makes you feel uplifted and alive when you walk away ? ! If that feeling makes you feel alive and smiling! Hold on to that vibe! That my flock is a Game Changer and if it makes you Best… Your Best… let if fill your soul.❤️🦩

Stay Well🦩Stay Healthy🦩Keep Drinking Strong Coffee and The Good Wine in Flamingo Slippers🦩And Always follow your True North 🦩

Gary Sinese for the Win✈️

727 ✈️ “Flying Back In The Day”

I was reading an airline Facebook page the other day for active and retired stews.✈️ The members of this Airline group were listing all of their celebrities they had on board during their careers! The lists were fun to read and I found myself wishing that I would’ve had some of my former colleagues guests names to add to my list of Stars.🌟 The post also made me grab a note pad and recall all my celebs that were my guests to take care of for a bit of time!

My office view for 29 years and 11 months✈️

My list brought me back to thinking about when my crew and myself were briefed before the First Lady of the United States Barbara Bush would be boarding with her assistant! I have an incredibly fun story about hanging Mrs. Bush’s Gianni Versace jacket and pouring our beautiful First Lady glasses of red wine🍷! By the way…. pearls were part of Barbara’s outfit 😀

Office in the Sky… who will be on board today ?

Louis Gossett JR was a great sport and would repeat MAYONAZE for me every time I passed his seat! 😀. Janet Jackson really is nasty with her entourage of body guards and her bad ass abs that were revealed with her cut off sweatshirt! Joe Walsh tipped a few of my Jack Daniels minis, 🥃Andy Williams and his wife toasted with champagne 🥂and RoseMary Clooney was a class act and smiled when I inquired if George would be picking she and her husband up Plane side! Rose Mary was humming beautifully every time I passed her seat! 🌹

Go Steelers🏈

Several athletes traveled on The Big D! Lynn Swann was very gracious with an autograph for my son! Mr. Swann’s penmanship is outstanding with the S in his last name drawn with a beautiful “Swan”n.🦢 Steelers were always my favorite stars and sadly I only had 3 on board in almost 30 years of flying ! Evander Holyfield still had his ear after the Mike Tyson “bite” and Mr. Holyfield was incredibly kind with his fans on the plane! And good ol’ Hulk Hogan gave me a Hulkamania pose!!💪I actually had “The Hulk” on board several time and he was always polite and always had his guns💪 proudly displayed. Movie Stars from Adam West, Tim Robbins to political figures Newt Gingrich, Téd Kennedy and Astronaut turned senator John Glenn … ! Happy to report all were kind and well behaved !!

Favorite Passengers❤️

Of course my own favorite passengers were my very own Rock Stars…. My Mom and Dad! I loved when my parents would be on board and I made sure the coffee was freshly brewed for my Father as I knew that would be his beverage selection !!!! Parents and hubby cannot be counted in my Top pick of Stars☀️ I’m bummed my son and brother were never on my work flights! No doubt I would’ve scolded Jeff and I’m sure JR would’ve been a perfect angel! I also can’t count our buds for celebrity picks that were on my second to last flight! A fun send off for me from the Alexakos Fam❤️

Missing from the photo is Katie… Katie was wining and dining in Delta One✈️

In total, I came up with a list of 53 celebrities that I had on board during my career! From the list of MY 53 guests… Gary Sinese and his wife were hands down my absolute Faves.

Mr. Sinese had the most impeccable manners as did his wife! So pleasant, happy, and in the moment! A true gentleman to his spouse. Mrs. Sinise slept on his shoulder and Gary (If I may )slowly turned the pages of his book to not disturb his sleeping beauty ! When Mrs. S awoke, Mr. S. said to his bride,”welcome back beautiful … I missed you”❤️ Both of the Sinise’s wanted to hear all about me and the three of us must have visited for over 45 minutes talking about anything that came to mind with the ease of old friends ! Of course I did get to use the line “ Lieutenant Dan…. Ice cream ?” As I rolled by with my dessert card! Best damn Sundae I ever made was for Mr. Sinise🍧 It was a true pleasure to have The Sinise’s on board!

Tree Tops Y’all … landing soon✈️

I walked away from that flight with the thoughts of how important manners, smiles, eye contact, listening, caring, interest in others and authenticity mean in this world !!!! I took away from that flight the demonstration of genuinely putting your spouse first and foremost !!! A strong shoulder to lean on and a loving welcome! True life lessons and two individuals that are stars without even knowing just how much they truly are inspirational ⭐️🌟forget the camera’s… these two are what we should all put into LIGHTS,CAMERA, ACTION! Love, respect and authenticity! Always be humble and kind.

Peace out … ✌️

It was fun to reflect on my list and it brought back sooo many fun memories from travel with so many special friends! It also was a good time to reflect and remember the ways of a Super Star☀️and try to step up my game to treat everyone I encounter like a Rock Star🌟Thank you Mr. Sinise and your beautiful wife for being a role model in my life …. even if it was just from Atlanta to LA In 5 hours! Goes to prove One never knows what you leave behind! Thank you again Mr. Sinise and thank you for Flying Delta✈️

Stay well🦩Stay Healthy🦩Keep Drinking Strong Coffee and the Good Wine in your Pink Flamingo Slippers🦩and always Follow Your True North🦩Flamingo Out🦩