Sea of Trees AKA “See” of Trees🌴🌳🌿

Scrolling through the channels last evening…. There are three leading actors that will stop me every time to watch their work…. Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood and Matthew McConoughey. Last night Mr “ALRIGHT -ALRIGHT – ALRIGHT” appeared and that was the channel that won the select button! The movie was called Sea of Trees. It wasContinue reading “Sea of Trees AKA “See” of Trees🌴🌳🌿”

Joie de Vivre

I sometimes wish I would’ve come up with a name for our home in “ Sandtown”… “The Dusk” known to a few. No time like the present so I’ve decided on “Joie de Vivre“~Exuberant Enjoyment of Life. Awwwww yes…. that’s it “Joie de Vivre” I Absolutely know 100% why a stop in my life tookContinue reading “Joie de Vivre”


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