Turning Over A New Leaf🍁🍂

Awwwwww! My favorite time of the year is upon me! I absolutely love fall and all that comes with the season! Big sweaters, sweatshirts, leaves changing, drives just to see the vibrant colors,crisp morning and evening air, football, football food and the fresh, clean chill in the air! I even think my coffee taste betterContinue reading “Turning Over A New Leaf🍁🍂”

If You Are Going to be an Ass…Be a Bad Ass👍💪

August 22nd 2020… a date I was really looking forward to has been changed due to covid 19! A special couple is getting married and thanks to Covid… there has been a change of plans for attendance! Not an easy decision but the right one🙏 Megan’s sister Makena asked a group of us to writeContinue reading “If You Are Going to be an Ass…Be a Bad Ass👍💪”

Empty Journals… A Canvas to life🦩and an Inspiration …

I actually was very psyched at the thought of turning 50🎉Frankly I’m thrilled at every birthday number as it truly is a privilege to be alive! Mike “ MadDog “ Adams sings it best”Everyday Above Ground is a Goooooood Day”!!!! Turning 50 called me to really reflect on life! I reflected upon the many familyContinue reading “Empty Journals… A Canvas to life🦩and an Inspiration …”

May you always Sing “Forever In Blue Jeans” bud💙

I met my life saver when Jon Ross was 5. I instantly felt Jon Ross and I were going to be fast friends on our first encounter! Jon Ross bounced a golf ball and it just missed his Grandma Norma’s window! I’m always up for mischief and Jon Ross’ Father whom I just started datingContinue reading “May you always Sing “Forever In Blue Jeans” bud💙”

Sell Crazy Someplace Else… we are all stocked up here 😜

Who knew Jack Nicholson’s line… “ Sell Crazy Someplace Else… we are all stocked up here!” from the movie “ As Good as it Gets” would be a fitting tag line for my thoughts this morning !!! My view this am is magnificent and I’ve already said my thank you prayers to God for thisContinue reading “Sell Crazy Someplace Else… we are all stocked up here 😜”

Life Really Can Change in….A …Second

Shrimp cocktail was prepared, ✔️ Rustins Favorite Veggies chopped and were plated with his favorite veggie dip✔️Baked potatoes were in the oven✔️mushrooms with white wine sauce were on the stove✔️… steaks were seasoned!!! ✔️The phone rings….. 6 car accident on the Turnpike!!! Rustins car was one of them … Rustin is alright !!!! Every driverContinue reading “Life Really Can Change in….A …Second”

Ingredients for a Flamingo Flock 🦩🍸

I must say that I am honored to be Kitty’s first guest blogger! Everyone calls me Anners but for Kitty it is GP🥰 As I sit here on my back porch listening to the birds chirp on this cool Monday morning thinking about the prefect ingredients for the cocktail, my mind wanders back to theContinue reading “Ingredients for a Flamingo Flock 🦩🍸”

Game Changers…Best Your Best🦩

It was another hot Tampa evening and I was outside on my patio craving a cold beverage for the soon to be daily Covid 19 Cocktail Hour! A winter drink favorite of mine was appealing to me and I thought of my Gal Pal in Ohio that always has great recipes to Craft perfect CraftContinue reading “Game Changers…Best Your Best🦩”

Gary Sinese for the Win✈️

I was reading an airline Facebook page the other day for active and retired stews.✈️ The members of this Airline group were listing all of their celebrities they had on board during their careers! The lists were fun to read and I found myself wishing that I would’ve had some of my former colleagues guestsContinue reading “Gary Sinese for the Win✈️”