Sea of Trees AKA “See” of Trees🌴🌳🌿

Scrolling through the channels last evening…. There are three leading actors that will stop me every time to watch their work…. Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood and Matthew McConoughey. Last night Mr “ALRIGHT -ALRIGHT – ALRIGHT” appeared and that was the channel that won the select button! The movie was called Sea of Trees. It wasContinue reading “Sea of Trees AKA “See” of Trees🌴🌳🌿”

An M Wayne thought of the day😇

Every morning I have the same routine… lemon water, coffee , Jesus Calling then a reflective read! Today’s read has me recalling a life lesson from my Dad. I wish I would’ve recorded my fathers voice as it was one that was very stern, strong, compassionate and regal! And I just miss hearing my DadContinue reading “An M Wayne thought of the day😇”

It’s Still A Wonderful Life♥️

New Years Eve has always been my favorite Holiday🥂 The energy of a fresh start, clean slate , possibilities , the memories that will be in the making, reunions with family and friends…. just day in and day out new beginnings! Clanking stems with a wonderful group of friends and feeling grateful for life🥂 loveContinue reading “It’s Still A Wonderful Life♥️”

Brown Bag for 1,000 please Alex⁉️

December 1st …… I love December🙏🎅🏻🌲. It’s my Birthday month, Christmas and all of the traditions, the gear up for my favorite Holiday… New Years Eve🥂🍾 31 Days that should be a reminder of the charms and blessings along the way! And oh by the way… my first snow fall which I always love happenedContinue reading “Brown Bag for 1,000 please Alex⁉️”

Love and Live By the ETHOS of the Funky Buddha 🙏

Last week, I kept the television off at all times and read Matthew McConaugheys as he refers to it as a “love letter to life” memoir GREENLIGHTS. I read it twice in three days and jotted notes the second time around! I believe that books find us at times when we need them and playContinue reading “Love and Live By the ETHOS of the Funky Buddha 🙏”