Greetings from Tampa Florida. My name is Kitty Shields. In this time with “time on our hands”…I have decided to check a bucket list item for me and enter the world of blogging. I’ll spare my personal resume at this time in hopes that my blog will provide snippets of my life and life in general as I blog along. I’m going with the thought that my blog out look experience will be MOSTLY SUNNY and choose to look for the bright spots along the way. Thank you to my personal bright spots that have encouraged me to complete a checked box on my never ending bucket list. Bright spots are the key to life especially in our present time. I invite you to take a flamingo walk with me.

Keep Facing your True North
  • Stay Well
  • Stay Healthy
  • Stay Safe
  • Drink the Good Wine and Strong Coffee with Flamingo Slippers:)
  • And Always Keep Facing YOUR TRUE NORTH

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