An M Wayne thought of the day😇

Every morning I have the same routine… lemon water, coffee , Jesus Calling then a reflective read! Today’s read has me recalling a life lesson from my Dad. I wish I would’ve recorded my fathers voice as it was one that was very stern, strong, compassionate and regal! And I just miss hearing my Dad talk and his wisdom! Today I drifted back and recalled one of my many conversations with my Dad.

The Big Guy

I recall asking my Father when I was probably 10 years of age, what does it mean to be successful in life? My Dad said “ Kitty , let me think about that for awhile”.

My Dad a few days later told me “I have an answer to your question Kitty“.

“Kitty, there are many tools in life that you can have to be successful and there are many avenues I would like to see you take to further your mind and education ! But true success in life will never be material things or degrees… it may seem that way but if you want true success in life… be the girl that makes people feel like they own the world !!! Truly care about others and please always stay grounded … never forget your roots! That girl will always be the most successful in the room!!! And don’t bother to be with others that compete with others or themselves . That isn’t success Kitty it’s just exhaustion! Keep your heart good Kitty… Keep your heart good… and well! “ Thanks for the reminder today Dad… I don’t always succeed but I’m trying to keep my heart good! Or is it well? None the less…. M Wayne’s Words of Wisdom are a good recall and a good base line for life! Thanks Dad♥️😇 thanks for your many life lessons… wisdom and love♥️

16 thoughts on “An M Wayne thought of the day😇

  1. The wisdom of your dad’s words ring so true! Thanks for sharing! Obviously you listened and your dad would be so proud of you! Love & hugs 💜💜💜

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  2. WOW Kidden I wish I could have known your Dad better, he must have been one heck of a guy. As of matter of fact I can attest to that as he raised YOU!!! His words of wisdom are so true and yes Kidden you listened and you live your life that way!! You always make everyone feel like they are the world!!! Love you and miss our Dupree and her wisdom!!! Love you!!!!❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Dearest Kitty, I wish I could have met your Dad !
    He certainly gave great advice ❤️ Am sure he is looking down on you with pride and joy 😇

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  4. Your dads words are spot on, Bos. And you have followed them to a “T”
    You are that girl that makes everyone feel like they are the most important
    person in the world and your kindness shines above everything! I was blessed
    to know your wonderful father and I am blessed that you are my “Bos” Thank
    you for ALWAYS being there for me and for making me ALWAYS feel special.
    Love you, Bozom!

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    1. Awwww Boz. One of my best memories with you is NO ScHool today Kitty???? As you and Stacey yell” call you later Kitty😂😂😂😂😂now that was a life lesson! Love you Boz and so thankful I knew your special Big Guy Elmer! Another treasure in my life😘


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