Books…the Magical Mystique

Last week… I selected two books to read on my round trip airplane rides from Florida to Ohio! Both books I had at my home for awhile and decided each one would be quick reads! One book on the way North to complete and one to finish going South!

I chose the “ lighter” read if you will “ Wishful Drinking” by Carrie Fischer. Good first choice to start my journey. Interesting, witty read where I literally laughed out loud at Carrie’s descriptions! I also learned a little bit about Old Hollywood which is always fun and a great way to travel back in time! The plane ride flew by literally and I thoroughly enjoyed my read!

After spending 5 days of packing, runs to Goodwill, taping boxes,crying, laughing and saying “ See you soon” to friends that are now family after 17 years… we as a team( hubs, son and his friends,Nephew Rich, myself and buds) packed up our home and closed the door and handed over the keys to the new owners! Our journey is starting a new chapter as we pull out of our neighborhood with neighbors and their dogs waving goodbye .


Traveling with my husband is always a treat! I’m always told before we board the plane that “ this will be a no talking flight”. That rule is always great with me! Truth be told my husband is the talker of the two of us and I’m always reminding hubs of his rule of the “No talking! “About the only rule of my husbands that I love! Peace and quiet and time to read! Ahhhhhhh BLISS!!!!

We are situated on the NO TALKiNG flight and I start my book before push back already being interrupted by my talker!

The Mount of Olives

I cracked my book… The Mount of Olives by Michael V. Inanov and tried to have an open mind! I had started this book months earlier and only made a few pages! Considering I had a little over two hours of silence I decided to get lost in this book!

I’ve always believed that books can find you when you most need the message! My book was sent to me at the most perfect time for my new journey. The 11 Declarations to an Extraordinary Life came to me and spoke volumes! So much so that I wish I had been given this books as a gift before I went to college! I hi-lighted, ear marked and dug deep into the adventure of Felix, my new friend for two hours!

When I was 18-19 years old on my way-heading to college perhaps this book would not have had the same meaning to me! Hard to say but I’m thankful for the lessons that books can bring to us and the magic and getaways they provide! The Mount of Olives certainly was an extended branch for me! I even gave the book to my husband as a reading assignment!!

The Dix

I returned from my trip up North to a package from a dear friend ! Who doesn’t love a package from a friend ! Someone takes the time to think of you, goes to the post office and mails their love! So special! This book included a handwritten note from my friend that this-gifted book had a message for me!!! Another sign and I finished the book this morning! I got the message Dix…loud and clear! Thank you for sending this book and allowing it to find me at yet another perfect time! Books are like friends… magical , memorable and life changing! I also know I can’t live without them and now thanks to GUMBEAUX SISTAHS … I don’t think I can live without Gumbo💜💛🤍and of course SISTAHS from all over this great big Wonderful world!🌍

Stay well🦩Stay Healthy🦩Keep drinking strong Coffee and the good wine with Flamingo slippers🦩and always always follow your True North🦩Flamingo Out🦩

15 thoughts on “Books…the Magical Mystique

  1. I’m thrilled the universe is sending you the right things at the right time…..especially in the form of a book. I love when a book speaks to your soul and you reread something, take notes and dog ear the pages. You are a better flight reader than me. Ten minutes of reading on the plane and I’m ready for my airplane nap. Even Rustin’s talking wouldn’t keep me awake. Lol Congratulations to you both on the next chapter in your life’s journey book.

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  2. Kidden what a great reminder as I’m guilty of not taking the time to read. I know that sometimes books speak to us all if we open our minds! Thanks for the great reminder! Miss you so my dear friend! ❤️

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    1. Shay Shay… you will now be my Wanda and I for one am looking forward to roll playing!!! Gar clasps his hands and rubs together and states” what’s everyone drinking” that my friend we take right out of the book of life😘and what a grand read that one is for us all😘


  3. Dear Sistah , You are one of those bright lights who reaches out to touch people’s lives and make them a better person 💕. I can already see that “ friendship bench” in your front yard as you continue to meet and influence people around you !!!! I will always have a pot of gumbo awaiting your next visit 😃 until then , enjoy your wonderful journey . Love you 😘 Dix

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    1. I look so forward to your best gumbo … and I’m curious Dix… is it your mothers recipe! Thank you for sharing your traditions and love of your home💜💛🤍because of you I answered Kings cake correctly while watching Jeopardy with my mom👏🏻 you have always been such an inspiration to me Dix and thank you for putting out your friendship bench all those years ago💜💛love you SISTAHS😘


  4. I love reading your blogs. I feel like you’re beside me saying these things and it makes my heart smile! I wish you and Rustin the best in your new adventures! Let’s connect SOON❤️

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    1. I sure do miss you Dawn and would love for you and Lori to come visit and maybe we could do it when Di is in town! And I still want to come on an Amsterdam trip with you! Think of you all the time!!! Love you😍and thanks for encouraging me with my blog always😘


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