I Ain’t Coming Down…

When our Dear Joycee passed away… I was trying to find the best song that reminded me of my Pal! It had to perfect! I was listening to live music in Grand Haven Michigan and heard the song… “Room at The Top “by Tom Petty! Tears flowed and I knew I had my piece of music🎸🎹. Thanks Jack for the beautiful rendition of Tom.

Our Joyceeee

I was telling my long time- life time friend “from first grade“ about the song. And the song kind of became our “friendship song” which gives the song even more meaning!

Friend From First Grade😊

As I’m sitting in the corner of a soon to be empty house reflecting on my life and the many twists and turns that I have experienced; I’ve come to the realization that no matter what comes my way in life, I am happy! It’s crazy to understand how happy can be an emotion right now but I am! I’ve accepted my next task and I’m going to tackle it with gusto! I never could’ve, would’ve , should’ve predicted my life episodes but I have prevailed and I have come through a stronger better person because of my journey! I realize that I Have A Room At The Top! We all do…. and we can stay there or Come Down!💪

These empty rooms and soon to be empty house have taught me that nothing is permanent . Time is short and life is precious! These empty rooms I swear I Can hear the laughter, tears and The Steeler Browns Games bantering ! The memories come pouring in and warm my heart♥️

Go Steelers🏈

I also realize that friendships stay in your heart always and carry on in new adventures, geography and house guests weekends which is one of my favorite things to do is have “ house guests”!!!!

My Faith, Family and Friends allow me to have a “Room At The Top“ and because of The Three F’s…. they allow me to Stay There and “I Ain’t Coming Down”

Here’s to New Adventures, many bumpy Glide Paths, and maybe bumpy landings but I’m choosing to Stay at The Room at the Top! I Ain’t Coming Down🙏 !!!!!

Stay Well🦩Stay Healthy🦩Keep Drinking the Good Wine and Strong Coffee with Flamingo Slippers🦩And Always Follow Your True North🦩Flamingo Out🦩

14 thoughts on “I Ain’t Coming Down…

  1. You just never know where things will lead. The few times I spent at “The Hood” were fun for me. First time was when you guys first moved in, brought Norma over to visit while I was on one of my consulting trips. Then Puddins 50th birthday bash, that one is still a bit fuzzy.

    See you some day in Tampa, waiting on the formal invite. Randal El

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  2. Holy Moly I’m crying my eyes out😢😢 Kidden you are one in a million and I personally have been blessed to share some of “The Top of the World” with you and Cheetah! Seeing our Joyceee and knowing she’s watching over you is such a comfort! Wishing you both nothing but happiness and your piece at the top of the world!!! All my love!❤️❤️❤️

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      1. On it!! Kids on spring break next week ~ I’m a free bird, make room for me in your schedule!! Golf range here we come!! (Gotta shake the rust off)

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  3. Wishing you fun adventures and much happiness!! I was seeing the lights on this past week in the evenings at “your” house and wondered how you two were doing?
    It’s been fun!! Love you guys! 😊🍷😊🍷🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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  4. “Happy Trails to you …… until we meet again”🎶🎵🎶…… Roy Rogers
    May your trails lead you to much love and happiness!!!! You and Cheetah will always be part of our lives ❤️ Congratulations, Barty and I Rock

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    1. Awwwwww! Barty told my Father once while we were shopping in the Shoppes”the sun always shines in Sandusky “☀️Barty was so right! It’s because of all the wonderful friends! Love you Dix !
      Come visit for your dinner🏈♥️😘😍love you😘


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