Brown Bag for 1,000 please Alex⁉️

December 1st …… I love December🙏🎅🏻🌲. It’s my Birthday month, Christmas and all of the traditions, the gear up for my favorite Holiday… New Years Eve🥂🍾 31 Days that should be a reminder of the charms and blessings along the way! And oh by the way… my first snow fall which I always love happened today⛄️ I’ve always loved December 1st but this one got started with negativity! And I’m not talking about the snow!

First snowfall❄️🌬

I will spare the negative story in this blog as it isn’t necessary!!! Won’t add to my story and I’m trying to center myself and stay positive ! The event made me think of a conversation I had the other day with a dear friend! The brown bag conversation !!!!!

Brown Bag

If you could put all of your troubles in one bag and throw it in a pile …. would you want the same bag or would you maybe try your luck to find the bag that may be a bit more charming of a life !!!????

I think most would have the same response !!! Give me that torn, wrinkled bag with lemons rolling down the street any day!! I’ll take my life , the ups and downs and challenges all day long! And live it! And love it! We all have our deals and challenges! But to be able to wake up every day and get another “do over” is charming enough for me !!!! This year has been a different one that is for sure !!! I am elated I’m here living as charmed of a life as I can with my torn bag clutched close to my heart❤️

My brother and I were asking my mom the other day about secrets to longevity to life and secrets to life in general as the three of us social distanced in my moms living room!!! My mom told us that she has always EMBRACED life… the good and the bad and kept going! Always try to be GRACEFUL with your actions and GRATEFUL for life! You forgot WISDOM Mom… thanks for giving me the wisdom and the reminder to reach for my own bag and hold on tight❤️🙏

Fire Chat with Mom

Stay Well- Stay Healthy- Keep Drinking the good coffee and good wine with Flamingo slippers and always always follow your True North🦩Flamingo Out🦩

15 thoughts on “Brown Bag for 1,000 please Alex⁉️

  1. As always your words inspire me to be a better person. I feel the same about my brown bag I wouldn’t trade mine and through it all I remember to count my blessing and ask for all the qualities that your beautiful Mom stated! Thank you for always reminding me how lucky I am to be blessed everyday!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Oh my gosh….I say this all the time about throwing your troubles into a pile. Especially when I am on the plane. Lol My Dad used to tell us, “No one likes to hear people complain”. Parents are so wise. Enjoy the beautiful snow and all the loveliness of the holiday season my sweet friend. I decorated my house in honor of your birthday month. Lol😘

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    1. How many times did I come into the galley complaining away about some sort of drama and you know what ??? I miss that and I miss you and our fun!!! Keep your blogs coming! I love them and I’m learning 😍😘🥰thank you for always being so positive! You always have been a bright star🌟


  3. Thank you for these inspiring thoughts ❤️
    Have been thinking about you A LOT as your birthday approaches. What a different year to celebrate! Blessings to you and your precious family . PS : my nickname is “ Bag Lady” . Your thoughts have given new meaning to this name ❤️😂🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻 Love you

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