Love and Live By the ETHOS of the Funky Buddha 🙏

Last week, I kept the television off at all times and read Matthew McConaugheys as he refers to it as a “love letter to life” memoir GREENLIGHTS. I read it twice in three days and jotted notes the second time around! I believe that books find us at times when we need them and play a purpose in our lives! Matthews book came just at the ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT time for me!!!!

“We must be more than just happy to be here” Matthew McConaughey

Matthew’s book gave me the green light to pick up a book that was a gift from a very dear friend! My friend and I have a tradition that we send each other a little something on our parents Death date anniversary. Anyone who has lost a parent knows the feeling of the dreaded dates and the little gifts help us to give each other a boost of love and friendship .🙏😇

This gift I knew was not going to be a causal read and I knew I would know when it was my time to pick up the book and explore! I was right …perfect timing for me! Every message In this book is allowing me to see my green lights and a reminder to get to the mat!!!!

LoLos yoga on the dock

A few years ago, we were living in Holland Michigan. A neighbor and new friend of mine asked me to go to the Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse. I had never done hot yoga before and decided to give it a try! One practice in and I was hooked!!!

Funky Buddha Buds

I made some incredible friends while at the Buddha !!! We would catch up before and after our practice … it felt like a cozy corner to get away for one hour! I recall stretching right before my favorite part of savasana and spying my buds and feeling such love for them and gratitude!!!!

Even Mate did a yoga class with me🙏

Spending time on the mat those years in Holland was a wonderful release and get away! I felt like a had found my true Buddha…my true nature! It’s time to get back to that authenticity! Time to see the heartfulness and adventures this life has to offer !!! And remember to keep life a little Funky!!! Thanks Matthew and LB for the guidance to help me when I “can’t stop the waves but I can learn to surf.” Swami Satchitananda. This is a wonderful world and I for one am glad to have each day as a gift 🥰


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