Shut Up and Dance🕺🏻

A friend of mine from Tampa texted me yesterday that she caught up on my blog and started following! (Thank you KR🦩)The bright news also made me realize it has been a month since I’ve blogged! Last nights debate has me thinking of many things and NO this isn’t going to be a political blog!! But an observation to better myself and learn!

Shut UP and Dance

Last nights debate… I really wanted to hear,listen and learn from both gentlemen ! To me and this is my take only…it seemed that the bantering back and forth was mostly interruptions! Interrupting while someone is talking is a huge pet peeve of mine ! And I truly try and wait my turn to add into a conversation! I’m not always successful but I try to be conscientious to not interrupt others. Sometimes I’m so excited to add to a story I can’t help myself but for the most part I try to wait until it’s appropriate !!! Something I work on personally and it is always a work in progress ! We are all human and make mistakes so I’ll keep trying to “ wait my turn”!!

Let others Shine

I find myself reminding Rustin to let me finish my thought! Comes from marriage and knowing each other so well but I’m good at the reminders to “let me finish“!!! It’s amazing what we learn when we sit back and listen and not finish sentences for one another! To me I find that when I’m talked over or interrupted it’s telling me that what you have to say is more important!!! And again I’m not perfect and really try and watch myself !!!! I find I learn so much by letting others talk and sometimes get the answers I wanted to hear or not hear! Either way showing respect while someone is talking is very important and was driven home to me by my parents ! My Dad would always tell me…”Everyone wants to hear their name and be heard so give that courtesy”. And heaven forbid I called someone “he”or “she” but that is another blog! 😂🙄

I’m trying Dad👍🙏

I have a very dear friend that absolutely loved the Song” Shut up and Dance” by Walk the Moon. I recall the first time I over heard Joycee singing the tune. I sat back and watched my friend pump her arms and bob her head and shout out the lyrics” Shut Up and Dance”! I thought my bud was losing it because I had never heard the song! The song was not on at the time, Joycee was just singing away solo without any accompaniment. I was just listening and observing my friend rocking out!!! I learned from my friend a new song, a new memory as I sat and listened and laughed with my friend !!!

We all want to be heard! We all want to have a voice and an opinion. We owe it to each other to show respect, compassion and kindness and to listen !!! Sometimes all it may take it to let someone be heard! And then when we ALL listen to EACH other and TAKE a turn it is then we can SHUT UP AND DANCE🕺🏻💃🙏

Stay Well🦩Stay Healthy🦩Keep drinking strong good coffee and the Good Wine🦩and always follow your True North🦩Flamingo Out🦩

17 thoughts on “Shut Up and Dance🕺🏻

  1. Totally guilty of speaking over others and a horrible flaw of mine I’m always trying to correct and change. I find as my brain ages it gets harder to shut up and listen because I forget my thought before I can speak it. Oh well it prob wasn’t that important anyway. Ha ha. And as far as husbands go they are all guilty of not letting us finish. Lately I find the more silent I am, John tends to get nervous (prob wondering what I’m up to) and he then asks me to talk more and listens better!!😘

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  2. I love this reminder as I know this Is one of my faults and I try and remember to shut up and then dance!!! I learn way more listening than talking that’s for sure😂 Every time I hear that song all I can think of is our Joyceee! Sure do miss her! Once again love your thoughts!❤️❤️

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  3. Dad’s have the best advice. I think your Dad and my Dad went to the same school. My Dad had a thing about “he” and “she”.lol I can’t wait to read your post on that topic! I try my best to let others have the stage…..and really listen to them. People want to be heard. They can’t be heard if we are interrupting or thinking about what we want to say next. My friends step-dad used to get teased about being a slow-speaking southerner. Really what he was doing was thinking about what the other person said before he spoke. He chose his words carefully when he responded. I try to be like him more and more. I fail miserably some days, though.

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    1. Ohhhhh the day I referred to my father as a pronoun was once and one time only🙄🤗and my Father was correct! Your southern gentleman sounds like a gem and an inspirations ! As always thanks for your input! I’m able to read your blogs when you post but not able to comment…. still don’t know what I did to not be able to respond but I’m following and love it! Love to hear about your Dads he and she !!!:)


  4. Thank you again for this important reminder !!!!
    Listening is a true art !! I Must work on that .
    May I “ interrupt “ your blog to say that you are definitely an inspiration ❤️

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