Turning Over A New Leaf🍁🍂

Awwwwww! My favorite time of the year is upon me! I absolutely love fall and all that comes with the season! Big sweaters, sweatshirts, leaves changing, drives just to see the vibrant colors,crisp morning and evening air, football, football food and the fresh, clean chill in the air! I even think my coffee taste better in the fall☕️ and so do manhattans🥃😀.

“Life Starts All Over Again Then It Gets Crisp in the Fall.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

With the start of a new season, I find myself wanting to turn over a new leaf! Pick up a beautiful oak leaf and turn it over to see what the stem and lines on the leaf are telling me!! I can feel changes coming on for me…. not quite sure knowing where and what my next adventures will be! With a new found energy from the Crisp Fall I have to embrace each step with enthusiasm and know that I’m on the right path! I have strong rocks for a path of guidance along the way to guide me! And if I step off and hit a puddle or two… the rocks are always there for me to climb back on board!

The Rocks at Kennebunkport with my Rock.. DAD😇

Fresh Starts and New Beginnings🦚

I love fresh starts and new beginnings! The adventures of the unknown and the lessons along the way! Part of the fun and challenge of life! It’s like raking leaves… lots of work, piles to jump in but the when they work is complete I will have a beautiful clear canvas .. then the leaves fall and you rake all over again! But it’s a pleasure because the air is crisp and the sun is shining🍁☀️and the rocks are always there!

Leaf work or life work at Moms🍁🍂always a Rock

Thankful for the Flock of Rocks along the way always! Enjoy leaf season! She’s a beauty🍂🍁☀️🦩

Stay Well-Stay Healthy-Keep Drinking good coffee and the good wine in flamingo slippers and find your True North! 🦩Flamingo Out

11 thoughts on “Turning Over A New Leaf🍁🍂

  1. What a stunning backdrop of Walkers Point! Kennebunkport is one of our “Happy Places” especially in The Fall🍁

    Love you Flock Leader🦩


    Liked by 1 person

    1. GP!!! I cannot find probably my all time favorite photo of my Dad ! Before we sat down in this picture we have a photo of me helping my Dad up on the rocks ! My dad has a fear of heights and I was the one being the rock and the pic is hilarious and priceless !!! Yes …Definitely a “Happy Place” love that saying… new blog idea! Thanks GP! Love you🍁🍂🦩


  2. I know anything you decide to do will be amazing. Better yet… I know it will fill your soul. I’m spending more time in my art room creating. Something must be in the air!!! Ohhhh…. I simply love the picture of you and your Dad at Kennebunkport. I’m sure the Bush’s were looking out their window saying to themselves…..”Why George, there is Kitty and her Dad. Let’s invite them in”. Kennebunkport is one of my favorite places…..especially in the fall.😊🍁🍂


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