Life’s Theater… Take one📽

For the time of a Pandemic… one would think that excitement would be extremely minimal! This past weekend I had more excitement then I ever care to have again! A type of excitement that I feel somehow, someway I’m to learn from to play a new part in life! Take the stage with a new energy and exit stage left on negativity and sweating the small stuff !!!

Moms Kathryn Neal blooms

I’m thanking God for the reminder of how precious life truly is to have! Wake up every day and be thankful to get to go and start fresh, drink coffee with a breeze and share it with the sun☀️☕️

A reminder to not worry about what I can’t control in my Life’s Theater! I can only keep moving forward,working on myself and trying to make life and my cast of characters be the best that we can be! A reminder that this is not a dress rehearsal and to move forward and hopefully get to make it to Act II and I hope Act II will be a long one! Extra extra extra extra extra long! life’s to fun for it to be anything else…. FUN🎉🎉

To say “if you have your health is everything” sounds like a cliche until one does not!!! Health and safety is truly a blessing ! Perhaps life’s biggest! All the rest I think can be figured out with the right audience for this Theater of Life! I don’t want drama for my theater! Only God, health, family, true friends and signs along the way!!!

Gibson… the best sign!

Thankful for this day and every day!!! I need to go get my scene started in this theater of life! Today’s scene is about to commence !!! Here’s to a bright bright bright sunshiny day!☀️

Stay healthy and safe everyone and In this theater of life! Please know I’m thankful for my flock of characters! My true North is getting closer and closer!! That’s a good feeling☀️Keep drinking the strong coffee and the good wine🍷don’t wait for tomorrow ☀️Flamingo out🦩

10 thoughts on “Life’s Theater… Take one📽

  1. If you ever write a book I will pick it for Book Club 😄😄
    Your thoughts are inspirational and uplifting …. and a good reminder .
    Thank you ❤️

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  2. Thanks Kitty for the reminder to be mindful each day. I know that I get caught up in the busyness of life and feeling overwhelmed with so much to do, that I forget to stop and be so thankful for the things that are right in front of me every day. The ordinary things that I take for granted. I am truly blessed. Thanks for turning on the light bulb to remind me to not take any day, person or breath I take as anything but wonderful. You are a such an inspiration. I so appreciate you as my friend too!!! Thank you for sharing!!

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  3. I know I probably say this every time but you really do make me think and reassess myself! I thank you for all your words of wisdom and helping me to be a better person! Love you!❤️

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