If You Are Going to be an Ass…Be a Bad Ass👍💪

August 22nd 2020… a date I was really looking forward to has been changed due to covid 19! A special couple is getting married and thanks to Covid… there has been a change of plans for attendance! Not an easy decision but the right one🙏

Bad Ass Couple Megan and Matthew

Megan’s sister Makena asked a group of us to write our thoughts to Meg and Matthew since we cannot all be together on their special day!I decided to blog….

The Lynch’s

The Lynch family lives right down the street from us and certainly keep life fun, loving and interesting! Rustin and myself have gotten to know the two Lynch daughters very well and the new soon to be addition to the family …Matthew! I’ll never forget the time Matthew was explaining to me the wonderful cakes that a local celeb makes in town! I was told “Wendy Kromer is BAD ASS”! The comment struck me as comical as Wendy’s creations are very elegant but I loved how the term “bad ass”got right to the the point !!! So since that Day of Cake explanation …. Meg and Matthew have been to me … the” bad ass” rockstars🌟

To honor Makena’s very thoughtful request I want to tell you both Meg and Matthew that we will miss being with you on your special day but as always we will be there in spirit and cheering you all the way!

Meg… I know you will be beautiful as your smile is so so special! I can just see you on your handsome fathers(Scooty Pants) arm spying your handsome groom in the distance! Smile bright and smile proud as you deserve this day. And take in this time of having your Dad all to yourself ! Special moment❤️and my favorite part of the ceremony!!!

SP Lynch😂

Look over at your beautiful Mom who I know will look gorgeous in her gown and smile through her tears and your ever so proud Grandmother Delores that we all love and adore!

Smile and take in the moments of Shay Shay blessing your marriage and the special bond that will be created that day! Our Shay Shay is so proud to be there and I’m thrilled that you Three will have this special memory forever🙏❤️

Shay Shay Shower❤️😘

And love how Makena is in a dress AGAIN and standing up and smiling and supporting you as sisters will always do! Blessings indeed!!!

Thank you Makena for asking us to be there in someway for all of you! We adore all of you and we will be anxiously awaiting pics!!!

Meg and Matthew! This is your day… it may not be the way it was planned but it’s still your time to shine and have the best day EVER!!! Enjoy your fun and loving families!!!We are all with you and always will be and just think we have a year due to the “change of plans“ to plan a party!!! I promise that will be BAD ASS💪👍🎉🎉🎉🎉

Have the best day and can’t wait to clank a stem or two with you both when you are Mr. and Mrs. Roten❤️

Cheers🥂and Much love,Kitten and Cheetah

7 thoughts on “If You Are Going to be an Ass…Be a Bad Ass👍💪

  1. The decisions needed to be made due to Covid19 have turned our world around in so many ways. This selfless decision to keep their loved ones safe had to be so difficult, but they made it
    in light of the risks involved. So, although I may not be close to this couple, I can say they are a “bad ass couple”!! I send my best wishes and congratulations for a lifetime of love and future celebrations. This moment in time is about this couple and the love they share. Cheers to many years of happiness!! 🥂❤️


  2. Kidden once again you made me tear up❤️ I love everything in this blog! Matt and Megan are one special couple! I love that Matt told you that about Wendy! He is a hoot!!! I hope at one point in the evening that he smacks Scotty’s ass!!🤣
    Love you Kidden and your kind and thoughtful words! You rock!❤️❤️


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