Empty Journals… A Canvas to life🦩and an Inspiration …

Empty pages … bring it on!

I actually was very psyched at the thought of turning 50🎉Frankly I’m thrilled at every birthday number as it truly is a privilege to be alive! Mike “ MadDog “ Adams sings it best”Everyday Above Ground is a Goooooood Day”!!!!

5-0 Party🎉🎉🎉

Turning 50 called me to really reflect on life! I reflected upon the many family and friends that inspired me along the way! The good, The bad and the Ugly. The events in my life that have taken place that have lead me to the lane that I find myself navigating !!

A gift with an inspiration!

I received a journal for my 5-0 Birthday from a friend that I admire in so many ways. Thoughts spoken from this friend are always concise, brief, confident… well spoken words. The note card inside the journal encouraged me to take the blank pages and use as a canvas to express myself. Personal journaling has become therapeutic and a way of life for me.


The other benefit of the journal was it brought to my attention that someone can inspire, influence, challenge, support and encourage a positive direction and may not comprehend the game changing gesture and the positive result that one can inspire!

And Believe in YOU!!!

Transcribing in my gifted journal opened up a new way of life for me and even took me to wanting to blog! I’m not going to be the next LG and nor am I looking to be anyone other than ME! My creative energy is flowing and to me that is healthy and fulfilling !❤️ This gift taught me to encourage others, lift them up, believe and inspire people to be their best …. their best! And not look for any thing in return other than to sit back and see the smiles! 😀

Wise words ❤️

Actions and words and gestures can lead to lasting impressions… things never forgotten! I’m going to take a cue from my wise friend to “keep living my life”… I’m going to try to be kind and choose my words and actions wisely….. hoping to bring out the best in myself and others!What life should be about! Time to go fill some more empty pages …and remember to watch my actions and words!! You never know who is listening and learning !

And your heart shine 🦩

Stay Healthy🦩Stay Safe🦩Keep drinking good coffee and good wine in flamingo slippers🦩and always follow your True North🦩Flamingo Out🦩

9 thoughts on “Empty Journals… A Canvas to life🦩and an Inspiration …

  1. Good thoughts! It’s not always easy to keep positive in a world full of chaos, but I continue to TRY!! One of Neal’s favorite sayings is, “Life is like a vacation! At first you go about your time carefree with no worries about it coming to an end. In the middle, you waste days and as it comes to an end you realize there just isn’t enough time to do everything you still want to do”. Here’s to not wasting those “middle days”!! Love you, dear friend!! 💕💕💕

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  2. I just love these thoughts! Thank you for the reminder to everyday wake up and pray to be a better person. I’m always inspired by your words of wisdom and I know that every day is a struggle and to remember that every person is going through something and maybe a little but if kindness can go a long way!!! Keep inspiring Kidden!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Oh Kitty!
    You are “Living Your Life” and bringing inspiration and joy to all of us.
    You are self motivation at its best!
    Thank you for sharing yourself, your thoughts and giving me the Soft and gentle nudge I needed today!💋
    Here’s to “filling empty pages”!!

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