May you always Sing “Forever In Blue Jeans” bud💙

Someone has a 3-0 Birthday🎉🎉🎉

I met my life saver when Jon Ross was 5. I instantly felt Jon Ross and I were going to be fast friends on our first encounter! Jon Ross bounced a golf ball and it just missed his Grandma Norma’s window! I’m always up for mischief and Jon Ross’ Father whom I just started dating exploded at the bouncing golf ball action! Hilarious to me and Jon Ross quickly had me intrigued !!!😂

JR and The Jord❤️

Jon Ross and I began navigating life with each other. We did find a few bumps along the way but mostly we found common ground and I find I have an adorable little boy in my life with eyes that melt my heart and still do to this day!

I’m lucky that Rustin allowed Jon Ross and myself to figure out between the two of us the roles we were going to play in each other’s lives! Rustin sometimes had to be the mediator as JR and I did not and sometimes still don’t see eye to eye but for the most part … Rustin has let us go and duke out our way to each other’s hearts.❤️

My one and only son ❤️

Life can present challenges in ways that we never expect! My first encounter with Jon Ross I didn’t have a clue that Jon Ross would become my son and also my one and only! All I have ever really wanted to be in life is a Mom! Without Rustin and Jon Ross I would’ve missed out on the opportunity of a life time.

My Dudes❤️❤️

I don’t know that I’ve ever really thanked Jon Ross for accepting me in his life! For making me challenge myself to learn and grow and teach me about a special kind of love. The love of being a parent.

Love the Mischief❤️

Jon Ross turning 30 has me really feeling nostalgic and thinking about what an outstanding man JR has become! We have been in each other’s lives for 25 years. I feel so blessed to have had the time, memories, laughs, tears and life lessons with JR. My life has been enhanced in ways that I never thought possible and I owe so much of that from meeting Jon Ross.

#1 Steeler Fan🏈

Keep on keeping on bud! Keep loving your Pittsburgh Roots! Your Steelers, Pens and Pirates . Keep loving your Buckeyes. Keep loving your Fantasy Football League. I love how you have such passion for sports and your knowledge of so many different arenas of the sports world !! And I even say keep loving your WWE😳! You and your Dad still drive me crazy with that nonsense but I love your passion!

Once in a life time pic …. 🙏🏈
Always Up for Adventure!!!The dreaded canoe tip trip😳

Keep your sense of adventure bud! Your inquisitive mind and how it works is fascinating !!! Get out there and explore some more as soon as it’s safe to do so! Keep your little kid heart in you alive.❤️

Strive for the Best Always

Keep striving bud to be the best in your profession! I know you do every day! Your father and I are so proud of you!!! More than you will ever know!!!

Proud Papa❤️
Eye of the Tiger👊💪
Looking Good Gents

Keep your sense of style and the way you present yourself Bud!You always look so sharp. Keep your great hand shake and eye contact always. Your Dad has one of the best handshakes and that’s a great first impression! You learned from the best!😘❤️(hopefully soon we as a nation will be shaking hands again 🙏)Also Keep up the love of coffee☕️I always Look so forward to our pots of strong coffee and our morning conversation. Love that we both love coffee with such passion❤️☕️

Morning coffee and out the door for work
Buds Make the World go Round❤️

I love how you keep in touch with your buds! Buds make the world go round🦩 COME HOME MORE OFTEN😘 We miss you!!!

Thinking about our True Norths🪐🌏🌞

I always speak of finding your True North! Your inner compass and what makes you the unique YOU as there can only be ONE of you bud!! I wish for you that you continue to have joy in your life in your values, passion and loves! Live and love your best life!!! OWN IT!!!! You deserve the very best…. and Jon Ross… thanks for letting me be your Tey! It’s the biggest privilege to have you in my life and may you forever remember And Sing Forever in Blue Jeans bud! Happy 3-0 Bud and thanks for letting me be a Mom to you❤️

Happy 30th Bud 🎉🎉🎉❤️😘 we cant wait to see you😘❤️

17 thoughts on “May you always Sing “Forever In Blue Jeans” bud💙

  1. This is the most heartfelt beautiful birthday wish I may have ever read. Please, add me to the list of those wishing your JR a Happy 3-0!! Now here is one lucky dude!! 🎉😊😘

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  2. Happy 🎉 happy 🎉 birthday Jon Ross! 🎂🎁 What a beautiful and heartfelt tribute from a loving 💕mom💕 to an exceptional son!!!! Just beautiful! I wish you all the best blessings!!! 💕🙏🏻

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  3. Happy 30th to Jon Ross🎉 I loved this. You two definitely have a beautiful relationship I loved seeing all the pictures….especially the shaving one. Thanks for sharing them with us all.😊

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