Life Really Can Change in….A …Second

Shrimp cocktail was prepared, ✔️ Rustins Favorite Veggies chopped and were plated with his favorite veggie dip✔️Baked potatoes were in the oven✔️mushrooms with white wine sauce were on the stove✔️… steaks were seasoned!!! ✔️The phone rings…..

6 car accident on the Turnpike!!! Rustins car was one of them … Rustin is alright !!!! Every driver and passenger walked away!!!!Time stood still, my heart stopped as my brother answered the phone! Thank You God for letting Rustin be safe and I still have my best friend and husband!!!! Thank You God for Jon Ross to still have his father for Fathers Day and hopefully for many many more! Let this be a reminder that life is fragile, can change in a minute and thank you God for letting me hear my husbands voice on the other end of the phone!!! 🙏Thank you for the reminder that life is about our loved ones, the importance of being there for one another and showing love and kindness every day because truly every day we see our love ones face or hear their voices…. is what makes our world go round! Hug your flocks today …. even virtually! Let them know they are loved, valued and treasured! And understatement of the Year… So unbelievably grateful for second chances!

King Flamingo🦩🙏🙏🙏😀

Talk about following your True North🙏🙏🙏🦩 Every Day Truly is a Gift. Thank you God for the gift and privilege of life and my wonderful flock that surrounds me🦩

Wearing Browns Gear for Our Browns Fan that kicked Cancer🙏🦩

15 thoughts on “Life Really Can Change in….A …Second

  1. Oh this scared me reading. Then I cried with rejoice but also the feeling of what could of happened. So grateful he is ok. You are two peas in a pod—and very wonderful people!!

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  2. Neal always says, “we are only a phone call away from our world changing”… soooo true! Thank God Rustin walked away from this scary reminder of how quickly things can change!! Hugs sent to you all and will be hugging (virtual too) my loves!! The list this year just keeps getting longer… this was one in the “good” column!! Thankful the Flock is in tact!! 🦩❤️🙏🏼

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  3. Oh so thankful that Rustin is okay! So, so thankful!!! You are so right. Life change change so quickly. Be grateful for what we have today, for it can all be gone tomorrow. Hugs to you, Rustin and your family! So grateful! Love you!

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  4. Kidden so glad your Cheetah is fine❤️🙏🏼 Thank you for the reminder that life is so very precious. So many things going on in our world right now your words of wisdom makes me take a step back and remember what is important. Our flocks and the people who surround us with love and support!! Love you and your flock!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  5. PRAISE THE LORD 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 So happy that Rustin and others were not injured !!!!!
    Thank you for this reminder that we must appreciate every minute that God has given us !!! Love ya’ll ❤️😘❤️😊


  6. I’m so grateful Rustin was okay….and everyone else, too. I know all too well how in an instant you can lose your beloved. I also love how you all wore the Browns football jerseys. You are great friends. I know the Steelers will understand completely. 😊 FYI – if I read your post on my iPhone I don’t get all the pictures and written stuff. If I read it on my iPad I do. Crazy. So, I was delayed in commenting. I wanted to reread your post on my iPad


  7. Oh Kitty I am so glad Rustin is okay! This had to be so scary for you and him! Thank you for reminding us how precious time is with our loved ones🥰❤️

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