Game Changers…Best Your Best🦩

It was another hot Tampa evening and I was outside on my patio craving a cold beverage for the soon to be daily Covid 19 Cocktail Hour! A winter drink favorite of mine was appealing to me and I thought of my Gal Pal in Ohio that always has great recipes to Craft perfect Craft Cocktails! My GP does a 12 Days of Christmas Craft Cocktail post on Facebook around the Holidays that is a trailblazer for any Cocktail Hour! A few of the recipes call for snow…. yes snow for the chilling of the glasses and also recipes! I’ve tried the concoctions… delicious!!! My Manhattan craving lead me to texting my friend for the perfect mix! No doubt my friend added the perfect suggestion!

Hey GP!! I prefer Black Walnut Bitters!

A quick text came back with our usual recipe that we imbibe but the add of the Walnut Bitters was new to me! Since I did not have the bitters I had to wait til my amazon order arrived !!! The “Prime “ wait was well worth it as my addition of The Bitters became a game changer🥃Best game changer ever for Manhattans🥃🥃for me!

GP is on the far right …1-2-3 Scotch Sisters🥃🥃🥃🙏

I had to share with all of my Manhattan buds the new find!!! The perfect add to our bars for us to enjoy!!! The “game changer” of a cocktail in a fun way made me think of how “Game Changers “play a Significant role in every day life. Game Changing Fun as in cocktails and Game Changing As in life lessons and or roles that can help one to be their best … Best!!!

The first time I heard the words “Game Changer” ESPN was blaring in the background in my Media room. The Words “Game Changer” were used to describe a sports star adding something special to his or her performance on the field or court! I Always thought the term was catchy and appropriate !!! I myself have adopted this way of thinking to my life and circumstances! I love to think of Game Changers and the roles they play in life! Game Changers challenge me to be the best of my Best!!! Or Add the best of the best to my life. One of my Game Changers happens to be a little boy that came into my life at his age of 5… JR is now my one and only son. My Game Changer is soon to turn a new decade.🎉

My Two challenging Game Changers❤️that help me to be best… my best!

I love most when Game Changers are people !!! Folks that enter your life at different times and maybe when least expected! Game changers can be positive or negative in life but if the end result is a challenge to be your best … to Best Your Best so to speak then the introduction was a success! A GAME CHANGER🦩

Game Changer travel with Experiences in Nature! Best …my Best❤️🦩
Travel Bestie= Game Changer🦩

Life experience can come from different friends, countries, food, people, travel,books, recipes, Book Clubs, Road trips,articles, conversations, commercials , campfires, lunches, colleagues , wine time, Happy Hours, social media, …. etc! Almost anything that is in our lives can become an experience and may provide us with Game Changing thoughts and experiences ! These interactions may last a life time !!! And help us to become our Best …. Best!

Friends for 68 years! Game Changer Friends with Uncle Bun’s Game changer Old Fashions🥃🦩
The Bag Pipe Player was a Game Changer for my Mom along with a Game Changing group of GP’s🦩
Bon Fire Sing Along with Dear Life Time Friends – Best … Best🔥🦩
Travel Memories~Game Changers🦩
Girl Trips- Soul Trips-Game Changers🦩
Go To First Person in Life-Game Changer ! Best… my Best🦩
Sleep Over at Moms❤️Game Changer🦩Best…My Best
Colleague Bonds✈️Game Changer. 🦩Best My Best
Fun Factor Times🦩Best My Best

I love capturing Game Changer pictures and reminiscing on the memories and feelings left behind in my heart, mind and soul. I also think it’s important to let others know if they Game Change, enhance and make me think a different way or make me My Best…. Best🦩

Mr. Walker
Knoch High School Game Changer🦩

I was out walking yesterday as I’m visiting my Mom and getting in my daily walk. I was meeting a High School/ college friend that morning to catch up over a stroll . I happened to go by the residence of a former Guidance Counselor of mine from my Beloved Knoch High School. I loved High School days and most Everything about my time in Saxonburg PA. I feel lucky that it was a good experience filled with life time friendships. I recalled a life lesson as I was passing by my former educators home. Mr. Walker held me accountable for my misjudgment and inappropriate actions on one of the last days of my senior year. I will never forget Mr. W’s words and challenge to know right from wrong and to always try to do “right by people” and have integrity. I took a minute before meeting my friend Jackie to thank Mr. Walker for making a difference in my life… A true Game Changer. Thank you Mr. Walker for holding me accountable ! Your ethics,beliefs and knowing I knew right from wrong… changed my life! Thank You.🦩you left a positive mark in my life and heart and are a Game Changer for me. Thanks for believing in me!

Thank you Mr. Walker
KHS Game Changers🦩Best My Best

I encourage everyone to think about game changing events, people, friends, fun factors and yes cocktails! What ingredients make a difference in your life? What makes you feel uplifted and alive when you walk away ? ! If that feeling makes you feel alive and smiling! Hold on to that vibe! That my flock is a Game Changer and if it makes you Best… Your Best… let if fill your soul.❤️🦩

Stay Well🦩Stay Healthy🦩Keep Drinking Strong Coffee and The Good Wine in Flamingo Slippers🦩And Always follow your True North 🦩

14 thoughts on “Game Changers…Best Your Best🦩

  1. Oh GP/Head of The Flock, you are definitely a “Best” inspiration in my life and all who you meet🦩 Keep adding great ingredients to your life and keep sharing with us your “Flock Followers” 🦩

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  2. So happy that we are in each other’s lives to be “ Game Changers For Life!” You have always encouraged me to be my best and follow my True North! I look forward to many more “game changing” life experiences together! Love you!

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  3. I had to laugh at your game changer cocktails for two reasons. I have a lot of friends in the wine and spirits industry. I always loved having a fun cocktail or a really nice glass of wine. About 2 years ago I decided to give up drinking alcohol and soda. Although I don’t miss the alcohol…I do miss the soda! Lol I also had to laugh about the snow in the drink. We grew up with snow tea as children. I remember teaching snow tea to my nieces when they were young. They loved it!
    I’ve had so many game changing moments in my life, I think I could fill a wine barrel with pennies for each game changing moment. Sounds like you could fill a wine barrel of your own.😊 Thanks for making me take a few moments today to think about some of them. Loved this post!❤️

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  4. Oh Kitty 💕. You have an amazing ability to inspire, create, and love all of those around you !!!! You are the BEST ⭕️❌. And a true game changer for me .
    Love you 😘😘😘😘. I Rock

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