Gary Sinese for the Win✈️

727 ✈️ “Flying Back In The Day”

I was reading an airline Facebook page the other day for active and retired stews.✈️ The members of this Airline group were listing all of their celebrities they had on board during their careers! The lists were fun to read and I found myself wishing that I would’ve had some of my former colleagues guests names to add to my list of Stars.🌟 The post also made me grab a note pad and recall all my celebs that were my guests to take care of for a bit of time!

My office view for 29 years and 11 months✈️

My list brought me back to thinking about when my crew and myself were briefed before the First Lady of the United States Barbara Bush would be boarding with her assistant! I have an incredibly fun story about hanging Mrs. Bush’s Gianni Versace jacket and pouring our beautiful First Lady glasses of red wine🍷! By the way…. pearls were part of Barbara’s outfit 😀

Office in the Sky… who will be on board today ?

Louis Gossett JR was a great sport and would repeat MAYONAZE for me every time I passed his seat! 😀. Janet Jackson really is nasty with her entourage of body guards and her bad ass abs that were revealed with her cut off sweatshirt! Joe Walsh tipped a few of my Jack Daniels minis, 🥃Andy Williams and his wife toasted with champagne 🥂and RoseMary Clooney was a class act and smiled when I inquired if George would be picking she and her husband up Plane side! Rose Mary was humming beautifully every time I passed her seat! 🌹

Go Steelers🏈

Several athletes traveled on The Big D! Lynn Swann was very gracious with an autograph for my son! Mr. Swann’s penmanship is outstanding with the S in his last name drawn with a beautiful “Swan”n.🦢 Steelers were always my favorite stars and sadly I only had 3 on board in almost 30 years of flying ! Evander Holyfield still had his ear after the Mike Tyson “bite” and Mr. Holyfield was incredibly kind with his fans on the plane! And good ol’ Hulk Hogan gave me a Hulkamania pose!!💪I actually had “The Hulk” on board several time and he was always polite and always had his guns💪 proudly displayed. Movie Stars from Adam West, Tim Robbins to political figures Newt Gingrich, Téd Kennedy and Astronaut turned senator John Glenn … ! Happy to report all were kind and well behaved !!

Favorite Passengers❤️

Of course my own favorite passengers were my very own Rock Stars…. My Mom and Dad! I loved when my parents would be on board and I made sure the coffee was freshly brewed for my Father as I knew that would be his beverage selection !!!! Parents and hubby cannot be counted in my Top pick of Stars☀️ I’m bummed my son and brother were never on my work flights! No doubt I would’ve scolded Jeff and I’m sure JR would’ve been a perfect angel! I also can’t count our buds for celebrity picks that were on my second to last flight! A fun send off for me from the Alexakos Fam❤️

Missing from the photo is Katie… Katie was wining and dining in Delta One✈️

In total, I came up with a list of 53 celebrities that I had on board during my career! From the list of MY 53 guests… Gary Sinese and his wife were hands down my absolute Faves.

Mr. Sinese had the most impeccable manners as did his wife! So pleasant, happy, and in the moment! A true gentleman to his spouse. Mrs. Sinise slept on his shoulder and Gary (If I may )slowly turned the pages of his book to not disturb his sleeping beauty ! When Mrs. S awoke, Mr. S. said to his bride,”welcome back beautiful … I missed you”❤️ Both of the Sinise’s wanted to hear all about me and the three of us must have visited for over 45 minutes talking about anything that came to mind with the ease of old friends ! Of course I did get to use the line “ Lieutenant Dan…. Ice cream ?” As I rolled by with my dessert card! Best damn Sundae I ever made was for Mr. Sinise🍧 It was a true pleasure to have The Sinise’s on board!

Tree Tops Y’all … landing soon✈️

I walked away from that flight with the thoughts of how important manners, smiles, eye contact, listening, caring, interest in others and authenticity mean in this world !!!! I took away from that flight the demonstration of genuinely putting your spouse first and foremost !!! A strong shoulder to lean on and a loving welcome! True life lessons and two individuals that are stars without even knowing just how much they truly are inspirational ⭐️🌟forget the camera’s… these two are what we should all put into LIGHTS,CAMERA, ACTION! Love, respect and authenticity! Always be humble and kind.

Peace out … ✌️

It was fun to reflect on my list and it brought back sooo many fun memories from travel with so many special friends! It also was a good time to reflect and remember the ways of a Super Star☀️and try to step up my game to treat everyone I encounter like a Rock Star🌟Thank you Mr. Sinise and your beautiful wife for being a role model in my life …. even if it was just from Atlanta to LA In 5 hours! Goes to prove One never knows what you leave behind! Thank you again Mr. Sinise and thank you for Flying Delta✈️

Stay well🦩Stay Healthy🦩Keep Drinking Strong Coffee and the Good Wine in your Pink Flamingo Slippers🦩and always Follow Your True North🦩Flamingo Out🦩

17 thoughts on “Gary Sinese for the Win✈️

  1. Just love this! It’s always the genuine people that remain in our hearts and minds!! Here’s to better days ahead for more “chance” meetings that leave lasting impressions!! You and Cheetah remain 2 of those “chance” meetings that turned into lifelong friends! Much love 🦩🦩🦩❤️

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  2. I am sure you have touched so many people along the way that you are not even aware of. Just by a smile or gentle touch on shoulder as you pass by them. You never know, that could have been their only connection with someone all day. I know that I try to touch someone’s life everyday even in a very small way. We are all blessed to have someone like you out there making it a better place for many!!
    Keep on smiling, it’s contagious 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bud … your father had the same thought but the undertaker and the Rock were in the airport not on flights !!!! Do you still have Lynn Swanns autograph?????thanks for following my blog honey and just in time! Your blog is coming up soon!!!🦩


  3. I love your list!!!! I especially love why they made your list. I know we both have our least favorite star passengers list, too. 🙄😂 Please tell Rustin he is on my all-time favorite passenger list, too. I had him on several flights without you. He was extremely well-behaved. I’d say you trained him well, but, I’m positive he was this way before you all met. Sadly, he was always dressed ever so nicely… the crew couldn’t admire HIS Hulk Hogan guns!

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  4. This again is so insightful! And reminds me how lucky we are to have this job! And I feel so lucky to have been on the flight with the Alexakos that was a memorable one😍😘🦩🍷

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I couldn’t have gotten through that trip without you! The tears at briefing! The tears in the crew lounge to tears with my supervisor ! I needed you every step of the way including getting me home! A true friend! A true blassing! A game changer! Love you my friend 😘


  5. My ASA sister Marie does a lot of work with the USO and she echoes everything you said about Gary Sinise. What an amazing guy!

    Thanks as always for the ray of sunshine Kitty!

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  6. Once again I loved reading this! What an awesome list of people who you got to meet and enjoy! Thanks for the memories that you so graciously shared! Love and miss you!❤️❤️


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