Bramasole☀️ “Yearning for the Sun”

Sunset at “Casa de Cheetah”

HBO has been featuring one of my favorite movies lately “Under The Tuscan Sun”☀️Every-time I watch this flick, I want to board a plane to Italy and buy an Estate in Tuscany. Drink wine,eat yummy pasta, pick olives in the groves, shop in the markets, learn to speak Italian and buy a Vespa.

I love how Diane Lane’s different flocks🦩in the movie play an instrumental part in the reinvention of herself to rebound from a setback in her characters life and the renovation of the Estate “Bramasole “☀️From the group on the Tour Coach, the real estate agent, Katherine the Grand Dame, the pregnant bestie, the Italian fling in Portofino, the construction workers from Poland, the Olive grove owners and family, the wedding, to the American writer looking for Diane Lane that finds his way to Bramasole ☀️. Bramasole interprets to “Yearning for the Sun”☀️in Italian. Each person in “Frances’s “ (character name of Diane Lane)life, as colorful as they may be… help Frances to shine again and live her best life.☀️

Beautiful Portofino

Diane Lane’s openness to embracing the people …flocks if you will 🦩and experiences in this movie make me want to cheer for anyone that is at a crossroads in their own lives and going in a new direction !!! Unexpected life events can happen at any time and can be small or devastatingly huge and life changing!! When I reflect on my past and even now at the curveballs thrown to me… I realize that I have a cast of characters in my movie of life that I absolutely know I can count on to pull me through!!! And I can only hope that I can be that friend that helps friends walk in the sunshine again! That truly is what life is about☀️Picking up one another to see the sun shine again and again!

Adventure awaits☀️

Also the “Bramasole … yearning for the sun☀️” May require a few changes in life! At first change can be scary, exhausting … maybe even easier to stay in place! Change however for me…9 x’s out of 10 has brought excitement, new experiences,friendships and the sun shining again! Take the Leap of Faith if you are finding yourself wanting to do so…. you just may end up in your own Villa, with yummy pasta and wine and olives and the sun may be shining abundantly ☀️Take a Vespa ride to see a beautiful sunset. Don’t wait for a trip to Tuscany! Home should be beautiful wherever you make your Casa de Casa❤️ Create your own “Bramasole”🌞

Stay Healthy🦩Stay Well🦩Drink Strong Coffee and the Good Wine🦩and always follow Your True North🦩Flamingo Out🦩

Outlook Mostly Sunny at Bramasole ☀️Follow your ❤️

16 thoughts on “Bramasole☀️ “Yearning for the Sun”

  1. You have definitely achieved your goal of being there for your flock! In exchange it is my hope that your flock returns this to you!! This is one of my favorite movies, as well!! I am a true believer that home is in our heart! Let’s drink some great wine and enjoy fantastic pasta under the sun that we are all sitting under somewhere!! (Even on the cloudy days!) ❤️

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  2. ❤️❤️❤️Kitty! You might love “The Durrell’s in Corfu” in Amazon Prime or PBS since you love “Under the Tuscan Sun” so much. I’ve been watching it and the”Doc Martin” series and have been loving them both. And yes to the curveballs! Keep writing!

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  3. I loved this post. It reminded me of a quote that says…”It’s impossible.” said pride. “It’s risky.”said experience. “It’s pointles.” said reason. “Give it a try.” whispered the HEART. I hear that whisper more and more these days. You are a beautiful example of what life can be if we listen to that whisper and take that leap……into the flock of friends waiting for us.

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  4. Perfect morning vibe. ❤Thanks for putting it out there, Kitty! I love Diane Lane-and have felt those same feelings watching Under the Tuscan Sun. A beautiful discovery of unfolding. May we all be brave enough to welcome change. ☉🌈

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  5. I just read this blog !!! Such a coincidence….
    Told my daughters this morning that I wanted us to go to Italy today !! With wide eyes they said “ how” ? I said let’s look at our 1999 family album when we spent 10 amazing days in Rome, Florence ❤️ We’re hoping the sun comes out today 😄. Your thoughts are always inspirational!!! Love you , I Rock 💕💕🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🌺💐


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