Bucket List ✅ Find the Joy in Your EVERY DAY LIFE☀️

I Haven’t Been Everywhere … but it’s on my list!✈️

The Movie “The Bucket List” came out in 2007. I know this fact because I recall that it is sadly the last movie I watched at a theater with my parents before my father passed.

I think fate played a part in having this be our last family time movie together from the discussion on the way home from the theater! The billionaire and the car mechanic who are complete strangers, meet by fate in a hospital room. They create a “bucket list” and set off and travel the world to check every box on their”list” before the billionaire and the mechanic “Kick the Bucket”. Of course very touching life lessons are in the film and much humor. The film inspired me to hit the skies and see the world and create a bucket list with trying Kopi Luwak coffee being on my list.

On the drive home from the movie theater, we were discussing our “lists” and dreams in what we liked best about the movie. My parents were listening intently to my rattling off cities, countries and trips that were going to get checked. My Father said to me “Kitty , I believe you will travel the world.. but think about the joy in your every day life list that you should “check”. My Fathers suggestion made me look at life differently and revaluate my thoughts and list.

The Big Guy and Mom – Adare Ireland

My Dad had suggested personal “bucket lists” to create and check. (With of course being #1 on the list to visit your parents often✅) My wheels were put in motion. Travel is always going to have a seperate list but my conversation with My Mom and Dad has sparked several goals and ideas.

Big Ben

I made lists for myself on fitness, reading, sports to try ,cooking, wines to try, spiritual habits and list of finding the joy in EVERY DAY LIFE☀️I love the thought of LIVING LIFE ABUNDANTLY and to just OWN IT!!!!

Flowers along the way💐

My “ lists” have made me want to do more laughing , smiling , wondering, Road trips, sunsets, eating, wine, music, dancing just plain old FUN! My most important list now is time with family and friends ! That truly is what brings me joy in EVERYDAY life! And I look forward to the hugs, smiles, tears, laughs…. everything that comes along with life!

My Joys in life ! Family ~Friends

Whatever goals, achievements are on your lists…. I truly hope they help you check the bucket list boxes and find the joy in your life – in your EVERY DAY life! And as Carter wrote to Edward in the movie-“ Let the Waters take you Home”.

Stay Well -Stay Healthy- Drink the good wine and strong coffee in your flamingo slippers and always always Follow your TRUE NORTH🦩Flamingo Out

19 thoughts on “Bucket List ✅ Find the Joy in Your EVERY DAY LIFE☀️

  1. You are truly blessed with the life you are living. This was so inspirational to read. You have taken the wise words spoken to you and are grabbing “the minutes”!! Not only have you visited many places but you have touched so many hearts! 😷❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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  2. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for the many blessings we have each day, not always looking to the future to make you happier or to feel more satisfied. I Love to hear about your journeys in life , They inspire me to live my life to the fullest!!! Take Care!

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  3. I loved this!!! Your Dad was a very wise man. I love how your Dad thought. I think the same way. I have a picture in my art room that basically says no matter where I go in this world….my favorite place is home. My favorite bucket lists are at home, too. I am very forgiving with my list though. I just let life direct me most of the time. Even though you have your lists, you are one of the most care-free people I know!

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  4. I just love when you speak of your Dad and all his wisdom! You soaked it all in and our truly blessed to be living life the way he wished for you! I love your blogs and they always touch my heart! As Nanc stated you have touched so many life’s in so many ways! You are a blessing to us all! Love you to the moon and back!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  5. Thanks Kitty !!!!
    A great reminder to live life to the fullest 😊
    At my age, everyday counts 👍🏻
    So happy to have you as a friend 😘😘💕
    💋I Rock


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