The Flocks of Life

Thinking about my Flocks

One may think that I have an obsession with and a house full of Pink Flamingos with the name of my blog being “FLAMINGO FLOCKS AND THOUGHTS”. Truth be told, two flamingo items are in the above picture. I have three tea towels, a decorative pillow and a bar of soap with the pink birds and that completes my collection. My FLAMINGO THOUGHTS started as most thoughts do…when one reflects.

I had a group of friends from Ohio coming to Tampa for long Girls weekend. I love to host house guests and visitors. I wanted my buds to have a memento to take with them to remember our time together. Something fun…something Florida…something cozy. My favorite part of house guests is coffee time in the morning. Everyone trickles downstairs at their leisure, “good mornings” are exchanged, the coffee pot is in sight, mugs are being pulled from the cabinet and the best conversations are about to take place as everyone is enjoying delicious and low calorie baked goods from the Local “Fav” Bakery. So you guessed it… my Fun, Florida, Cozy selection was Pink Flamingo Slippers. I loved seeing the hot pink, fuzzy house shoes roll into the kitchen every morning.

This EXTREMELY fun, life time memory making weekend happened this year March 5-9 2020…the weekend right before the world hit the pause button and the Quarantine Chaos is REAL. As I was sitting outside in my tiny (but I like to think of it as a bijou patio area,):) slippers up on the wall…sipping coffee…I was reflecting on the world and what is upon us now. Thinking about what will be the “new norm”. Terribly missing my family, my buds that just left me before this chaos started and all of my other FLOCKS in life. The word Flocks instead of the word tribe was chosen because of course my slippers.

FLOCKS in our lives can mean so much and make the world go round . A FLOCK can be FAMILY. Parents,Siblings, Spouse,Children,Nieces,Nephews, In-Laws, Pets. FLOCKS can be Friends in many various fashions. Friends that have become Family. Childhood, High School, College friends, Sorority sisters, Lunch club, Wine and Cocktail buds, Neighbors,Yoga and Workout partners, Shopping Mates, Book Club Friends,The Lucy and the Ethyl’s in this World, Best Buds and Bos’s. The list of FLOCKS is endless.

I found myself right after the quarantine period began, reflecting on how lucky I feel to have such wonderful FLOCKS in my life. And how now more than ever I want my FLOCKS to know that they are loved, appreciated and valued. And how much my FLOCKS are missed. We owe it to all the FLOCKS in our lives to take care of one another. Find and keep your FLOCKS and love them hard. Have each others backs…especially now. Never miss an opportunity to say a kind word, flash a beautiful smile, laugh, give a thumbs up for the encouragement of “You’ve Got This”. FLOCKS make the world go round and I for one am looking forward to when I can hug,cheers,laugh and look at any one of my FLOCK members and think…DAMN LIFE IS GOOD. LET’S DO LIFE. Even while we are on the Life Pause button…for now.


  • L LISTEN and be there for the above
  • O OPEN up your mind and heart and keep it OPEN
  • C CELEBRATE LIFE and everything about it
  • K KEEP ON KEEPING ON~ KEEP loving,laughing,trying, dreaming
  • S Stay Connected

Flamingo Out and Thanks for being part of my FLOCKS.

31 thoughts on “The Flocks of Life

  1. Very very well said! I can’t wait till we can all get together! Meanwhile I look forward to your thoughts and wisdom. In the meantime give yourself a big hug! Miss you my beautiful friend 💕

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  2. So beautifully written and meaningful!! Thank you!!!!
    Now more than ever a smile goes a long way. There was a time when I had to visit the Cleveland Clinic on a regular basis. Everyone somber….. waiting for their names to be called and I sat there smiling knowing that all will be ok. I grabbed the attention of a man, eyes connected, smiling, he stood as I stood (my name was called) and he said thank you so much, that he really needed a smiling face in his time of need. We never really know who is in need…. and darn it’s just nice to smile!!

    We are truly blessed!!

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  3. Glade to be accepted into your flock. I love to read all your posts on Facebook and now your blog is just the best. You make me smile and I feel I’m with you. Thanks for the interdictions to many of your wonderful peeps. 💕

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  4. I have been reflecting myself!.. Love your blog!.. we have some of the same yet some different flocks… I am Blessed to be one of yours!
    F Faith Need so much of this now!
    L Laughter Is the Best medicine!
    O Optimism! Enough said!
    C Courage This too shall pass!
    K Kindred We are all ONE Flock
    S Support is SO Imprtant!

    🦩 Love ya – Constance Marie

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  5. Loved this post. You have been taking wonder care of all your flocks for as long as I have known you. The flamingo slippers were the perfect gift. They are warm and funny and make everyone smile….just like you!!!

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  6. I can’t tell you how amazing this is! Thanks for reminding us all that your flock comes from so many different stages in life! I am blessed to be able to say you are a wonderful part of my Flock and Family!❤️❤️

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  7. Bos1 from Bos3…You are AMAZING…Midas1 status 🥰‼️ I am blessed beyond words to have you in my life, and appreciate your positive energy, eloquent thoughts, and friendship to the moon 🌙 and back ❤️‼️ Love you BosMidas!!! 😘❤️💕

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