Sea of Trees AKA “See” of Trees🌴🌳🌿

Scrolling through the channels last evening…. There are three leading actors that will stop me every time to watch their work…. Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood and Matthew McConoughey. Last night Mr “ALRIGHT -ALRIGHT – ALRIGHT” appeared and that was the channel that won the select button! The movie was called Sea of Trees. It was a disaster at the box office, sales came in under the budget but I don’t care it’s Matthew and Naomi Watts. As it turns out I’m glad I watched the film.

Sea of Trees

Part of the movie takes place in the Aokigahara Forest in Japan. Knows as the forest of beauty where babies were left as they were not wanted, wounded soldiers were left to die, people desiring to end their lives for many different reasons flock to these trees. A beautiful forest and surroundings to depart this earth. Sounds depressing but a major part of the films plot. I’ve actually heard of this forest as it is near Mt Fuji and I was always intrigued with the famous site for the fact that my father climbed Mt Fuji with a tour guide when he was stationed in Japan during the Korean War. I have his climbing stick with station marks as a prized possession.

Mt Fuji

Without giving away the story and what brought Matthew to the forest…. the message at the end of the movie spoke volumes to me !!!!

Mt Fuji Climbing Stick
Station Marking 1952

The message I took from this movie was how well do I SEE my loved ones and friends. What do I know about them and do I really know the big and the little “ things” in their lives ? Do I know what is important to them or is all just surface and basic and mundane passings? I asked my husband if he knew my favorite flower? God Bless him he knew my Moms but not mine:). It has me thinking I need to ask more questions and really get to know my friends and family while I have the chance! I catch myself always saying … “I need to ask Mom… she will know the answer” better do it while I still have the time to SEE .🙏 Every day is a gift and our friends and family are our blessings. We owe it to each other to really enjoy each other. Thanks Matthew for the reminder to SEE.♥️

Mama Bear

Stay Well🦩Stay Healthy🦩Keep drinking strong coffee and the “Good” Wine with Flamingo Slippers🦩🦩and always always follow your TRUE NORTH🦩Flamingo Out🦩

An M Wayne thought of the day😇

Every morning I have the same routine… lemon water, coffee , Jesus Calling then a reflective read! Today’s read has me recalling a life lesson from my Dad. I wish I would’ve recorded my fathers voice as it was one that was very stern, strong, compassionate and regal! And I just miss hearing my Dad talk and his wisdom! Today I drifted back and recalled one of my many conversations with my Dad.

The Big Guy

I recall asking my Father when I was probably 10 years of age, what does it mean to be successful in life? My Dad said “ Kitty , let me think about that for awhile”.

My Dad a few days later told me “I have an answer to your question Kitty“.

“Kitty, there are many tools in life that you can have to be successful and there are many avenues I would like to see you take to further your mind and education ! But true success in life will never be material things or degrees… it may seem that way but if you want true success in life… be the girl that makes people feel like they own the world !!! Truly care about others and please always stay grounded … never forget your roots! That girl will always be the most successful in the room!!! And don’t bother to be with others that compete with others or themselves . That isn’t success Kitty it’s just exhaustion! Keep your heart good Kitty… Keep your heart good… and well! “ Thanks for the reminder today Dad… I don’t always succeed but I’m trying to keep my heart good! Or is it well? None the less…. M Wayne’s Words of Wisdom are a good recall and a good base line for life! Thanks Dad♥️😇 thanks for your many life lessons… wisdom and love♥️

Books…the Magical Mystique

Last week… I selected two books to read on my round trip airplane rides from Florida to Ohio! Both books I had at my home for awhile and decided each one would be quick reads! One book on the way North to complete and one to finish going South!

I chose the “ lighter” read if you will “ Wishful Drinking” by Carrie Fischer. Good first choice to start my journey. Interesting, witty read where I literally laughed out loud at Carrie’s descriptions! I also learned a little bit about Old Hollywood which is always fun and a great way to travel back in time! The plane ride flew by literally and I thoroughly enjoyed my read!

After spending 5 days of packing, runs to Goodwill, taping boxes,crying, laughing and saying “ See you soon” to friends that are now family after 17 years… we as a team( hubs, son and his friends,Nephew Rich, myself and buds) packed up our home and closed the door and handed over the keys to the new owners! Our journey is starting a new chapter as we pull out of our neighborhood with neighbors and their dogs waving goodbye .


Traveling with my husband is always a treat! I’m always told before we board the plane that “ this will be a no talking flight”. That rule is always great with me! Truth be told my husband is the talker of the two of us and I’m always reminding hubs of his rule of the “No talking! “About the only rule of my husbands that I love! Peace and quiet and time to read! Ahhhhhhh BLISS!!!!

We are situated on the NO TALKiNG flight and I start my book before push back already being interrupted by my talker!

The Mount of Olives

I cracked my book… The Mount of Olives by Michael V. Inanov and tried to have an open mind! I had started this book months earlier and only made a few pages! Considering I had a little over two hours of silence I decided to get lost in this book!

I’ve always believed that books can find you when you most need the message! My book was sent to me at the most perfect time for my new journey. The 11 Declarations to an Extraordinary Life came to me and spoke volumes! So much so that I wish I had been given this books as a gift before I went to college! I hi-lighted, ear marked and dug deep into the adventure of Felix, my new friend for two hours!

When I was 18-19 years old on my way-heading to college perhaps this book would not have had the same meaning to me! Hard to say but I’m thankful for the lessons that books can bring to us and the magic and getaways they provide! The Mount of Olives certainly was an extended branch for me! I even gave the book to my husband as a reading assignment!!

The Dix

I returned from my trip up North to a package from a dear friend ! Who doesn’t love a package from a friend ! Someone takes the time to think of you, goes to the post office and mails their love! So special! This book included a handwritten note from my friend that this-gifted book had a message for me!!! Another sign and I finished the book this morning! I got the message Dix…loud and clear! Thank you for sending this book and allowing it to find me at yet another perfect time! Books are like friends… magical , memorable and life changing! I also know I can’t live without them and now thanks to GUMBEAUX SISTAHS … I don’t think I can live without Gumbo💜💛🤍and of course SISTAHS from all over this great big Wonderful world!🌍

Stay well🦩Stay Healthy🦩Keep drinking strong Coffee and the good wine with Flamingo slippers🦩and always always follow your True North🦩Flamingo Out🦩

I Ain’t Coming Down…

When our Dear Joycee passed away… I was trying to find the best song that reminded me of my Pal! It had to perfect! I was listening to live music in Grand Haven Michigan and heard the song… “Room at The Top “by Tom Petty! Tears flowed and I knew I had my piece of music🎸🎹. Thanks Jack for the beautiful rendition of Tom.

Our Joyceeee

I was telling my long time- life time friend “from first grade“ about the song. And the song kind of became our “friendship song” which gives the song even more meaning!

Friend From First Grade😊

As I’m sitting in the corner of a soon to be empty house reflecting on my life and the many twists and turns that I have experienced; I’ve come to the realization that no matter what comes my way in life, I am happy! It’s crazy to understand how happy can be an emotion right now but I am! I’ve accepted my next task and I’m going to tackle it with gusto! I never could’ve, would’ve , should’ve predicted my life episodes but I have prevailed and I have come through a stronger better person because of my journey! I realize that I Have A Room At The Top! We all do…. and we can stay there or Come Down!💪

These empty rooms and soon to be empty house have taught me that nothing is permanent . Time is short and life is precious! These empty rooms I swear I Can hear the laughter, tears and The Steeler Browns Games bantering ! The memories come pouring in and warm my heart♥️

Go Steelers🏈

I also realize that friendships stay in your heart always and carry on in new adventures, geography and house guests weekends which is one of my favorite things to do is have “ house guests”!!!!

My Faith, Family and Friends allow me to have a “Room At The Top“ and because of The Three F’s…. they allow me to Stay There and “I Ain’t Coming Down”

Here’s to New Adventures, many bumpy Glide Paths, and maybe bumpy landings but I’m choosing to Stay at The Room at the Top! I Ain’t Coming Down🙏 !!!!!

Stay Well🦩Stay Healthy🦩Keep Drinking the Good Wine and Strong Coffee with Flamingo Slippers🦩And Always Follow Your True North🦩Flamingo Out🦩

Joie de Vivre

Joie de Vivre

I sometimes wish I would’ve come up with a name for our home in “ Sandtown”… “The Dusk” known to a few. No time like the present so I’ve decided on “Joie de Vivre“~Exuberant Enjoyment of Life. Awwwww yes…. that’s it “Joie de Vivre”

I Absolutely know 100% why a stop in my life took me to Sandusky! Not a doubt in my mind! God had a Plan! My journey to Ohio was absolutely what my heart and soul needed! I’m so beyond grateful !!!!

There is not a good bye to Sandusky and my life and friends as everything and everyone will go in my heart ♥️ The “Joie de Vivre” has become a part of me and always will! Now the next step is Geography! And I’m betting on an A+ is in store for all participants going forward!

Many Many emotions…. but the strongest one being ….LOVE… true friendships and lots and lots of love ! Instead of Flamingo Out🦩… it’s Flamingo ON🦩thanks for a million memories and here’s to many many more! We will always be together ♥️ I will never have the words so I’ll close with this…

Thank You🦩♥️😍 you will never know how grateful I am to have had this time!! Always in my ♥️


January 2021 felt like a continuation of 2020… 7 days into the year my Mother In Law unexpectedly passed away before any of us had a chance to say GoodBye.

One of my favorite memories of Norma is the way her eyes would mist with tears and her smile was the brightest when she would look at one of her sons ! I’ll never forget one morning when my husband walked down to begin his day, Norma was having tea in the kitchen on her visit with us to our home in Ohio when she spied her youngest son. The love on her face lit the room! I loved seeing her love and feeling it and being so thankful my husband had such love from his Mom♥️

Norma was very smart, talented and caring. Norma to me was a Pioneer for women making her way in the 60’s and 70’s to having a career and also being Super Mom! Norma balanced a job and family which couldn’t have been an easy task with 4 sons! I know Norma loved every minute! All Norma really ever wanted was family time! I would love to watch her beam with pride at the Holiday tables as she observed her sons and Grandchildren. She would look at me and raise her hands and say” would you look at this”. And smile with pride! Norma loved being Gram to her Grandchildren and did it like the Pioneer woman she was…. always at the top of her game!

I guess when a life ends as we know it on earth…. you can tell so much by watching and listening. I know Norma had love returned! Norma was treasured and Norma was cherished! And if the tears told me anything that day we said our final good-byes … it was this…Norma … you rest now, you’ve done an incredible job with your family and your life! You did proud by your parents and you made your mark in the world. You live in our hearts Mom, Gram, Norma and it’s our turn to make you proud. That is how we will thank you for being You! And Norma… we will be here cheering on your Steelers….knowing you are up in heaven with God calling the plays! ( I’m sure you will hear us )!!! Norma … I don’t think I ever thanked you and I wish I would’ve …. somehow I think you can hear me… Thank you …. thank you ,thank you for your son! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your family. We will always miss you😇. Look for us together in the future … we will “Look Up” and know you are there … watching with your hands up in the air saying” will you look at this!”

It’s Still A Wonderful Life♥️

New Years Eve has always been my favorite Holiday🥂 The energy of a fresh start, clean slate , possibilities , the memories that will be in the making, reunions with family and friends…. just day in and day out new beginnings! Clanking stems with a wonderful group of friends and feeling grateful for life🥂 love love love this Holiday🎉


This year yours truly was fast asleep on the couch at 11:00 pm! I slept right through ringing in the New Year !!! I have never done that ever! I thought I would really be bothered by my early bed time on my favorite night. To my surprise I’m good with the siesta! I must’ve needed the shut eye💤

This year , instead of doing my usual New Years Resolutions I’m rethinking my approach to 2021. 2020 changed all of us and I’m taking those changes with me! I’ve decided to really go for my hearts deepest desires! I watched a friend from a far take steps to better her life this past year ! It was liberating, inspiring and left me feeling so proud of my friends strengths.

Going for Deepest Desires doesn’t mean I’m checking every box on my Bucket List! Those are my goals and I look so forward to check boxes as soon I can. What I truly desire for myself is peace . Peace to trust in my journey, my walk in life, peace in my relationships with family and friends that are meant to be a part of my story ! New friends and experiences that are coming into my life… I want peace, harmony and an open mind to let good in to my life. Let life flow and always remember to count my blessings🙏

Today we all have 365 days to 2021. May it bring to you all of YOUR desires, hopes and wishes. 365 days for me…. today I start with my mind and heart and going for peace! With God and my wonderful family and friends as my support… my future is looking sooooooo bright…. I’m going to need shades😎

Happy New Year to All! It truly is a Wonderful Life !!!Bring it on! Let’s DoLIfe😍Peace and Flamingo Out🦩

Stay healthy

Stay Well

Keep Drinking the good wine and coffee with Flamingo Slippers🦩

And Always Always Follow Your True North✌️

Brown Bag for 1,000 please Alex⁉️

December 1st …… I love December🙏🎅🏻🌲. It’s my Birthday month, Christmas and all of the traditions, the gear up for my favorite Holiday… New Years Eve🥂🍾 31 Days that should be a reminder of the charms and blessings along the way! And oh by the way… my first snow fall which I always love happened today⛄️ I’ve always loved December 1st but this one got started with negativity! And I’m not talking about the snow!

First snowfall❄️🌬

I will spare the negative story in this blog as it isn’t necessary!!! Won’t add to my story and I’m trying to center myself and stay positive ! The event made me think of a conversation I had the other day with a dear friend! The brown bag conversation !!!!!

Brown Bag

If you could put all of your troubles in one bag and throw it in a pile …. would you want the same bag or would you maybe try your luck to find the bag that may be a bit more charming of a life !!!????

I think most would have the same response !!! Give me that torn, wrinkled bag with lemons rolling down the street any day!! I’ll take my life , the ups and downs and challenges all day long! And live it! And love it! We all have our deals and challenges! But to be able to wake up every day and get another “do over” is charming enough for me !!!! This year has been a different one that is for sure !!! I am elated I’m here living as charmed of a life as I can with my torn bag clutched close to my heart❤️

My brother and I were asking my mom the other day about secrets to longevity to life and secrets to life in general as the three of us social distanced in my moms living room!!! My mom told us that she has always EMBRACED life… the good and the bad and kept going! Always try to be GRACEFUL with your actions and GRATEFUL for life! You forgot WISDOM Mom… thanks for giving me the wisdom and the reminder to reach for my own bag and hold on tight❤️🙏

Fire Chat with Mom

Stay Well- Stay Healthy- Keep Drinking the good coffee and good wine with Flamingo slippers and always always follow your True North🦩Flamingo Out🦩

Love and Live By the ETHOS of the Funky Buddha 🙏

Last week, I kept the television off at all times and read Matthew McConaugheys as he refers to it as a “love letter to life” memoir GREENLIGHTS. I read it twice in three days and jotted notes the second time around! I believe that books find us at times when we need them and play a purpose in our lives! Matthews book came just at the ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT time for me!!!!

“We must be more than just happy to be here” Matthew McConaughey

Matthew’s book gave me the green light to pick up a book that was a gift from a very dear friend! My friend and I have a tradition that we send each other a little something on our parents Death date anniversary. Anyone who has lost a parent knows the feeling of the dreaded dates and the little gifts help us to give each other a boost of love and friendship .🙏😇

This gift I knew was not going to be a causal read and I knew I would know when it was my time to pick up the book and explore! I was right …perfect timing for me! Every message In this book is allowing me to see my green lights and a reminder to get to the mat!!!!

LoLos yoga on the dock

A few years ago, we were living in Holland Michigan. A neighbor and new friend of mine asked me to go to the Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse. I had never done hot yoga before and decided to give it a try! One practice in and I was hooked!!!

Funky Buddha Buds

I made some incredible friends while at the Buddha !!! We would catch up before and after our practice … it felt like a cozy corner to get away for one hour! I recall stretching right before my favorite part of savasana and spying my buds and feeling such love for them and gratitude!!!!

Even Mate did a yoga class with me🙏

Spending time on the mat those years in Holland was a wonderful release and get away! I felt like a had found my true Buddha…my true nature! It’s time to get back to that authenticity! Time to see the heartfulness and adventures this life has to offer !!! And remember to keep life a little Funky!!! Thanks Matthew and LB for the guidance to help me when I “can’t stop the waves but I can learn to surf.” Swami Satchitananda. This is a wonderful world and I for one am glad to have each day as a gift 🥰


Shut Up and Dance🕺🏻

A friend of mine from Tampa texted me yesterday that she caught up on my blog and started following! (Thank you KR🦩)The bright news also made me realize it has been a month since I’ve blogged! Last nights debate has me thinking of many things and NO this isn’t going to be a political blog!! But an observation to better myself and learn!

Shut UP and Dance

Last nights debate… I really wanted to hear,listen and learn from both gentlemen ! To me and this is my take only…it seemed that the bantering back and forth was mostly interruptions! Interrupting while someone is talking is a huge pet peeve of mine ! And I truly try and wait my turn to add into a conversation! I’m not always successful but I try to be conscientious to not interrupt others. Sometimes I’m so excited to add to a story I can’t help myself but for the most part I try to wait until it’s appropriate !!! Something I work on personally and it is always a work in progress ! We are all human and make mistakes so I’ll keep trying to “ wait my turn”!!

Let others Shine

I find myself reminding Rustin to let me finish my thought! Comes from marriage and knowing each other so well but I’m good at the reminders to “let me finish“!!! It’s amazing what we learn when we sit back and listen and not finish sentences for one another! To me I find that when I’m talked over or interrupted it’s telling me that what you have to say is more important!!! And again I’m not perfect and really try and watch myself !!!! I find I learn so much by letting others talk and sometimes get the answers I wanted to hear or not hear! Either way showing respect while someone is talking is very important and was driven home to me by my parents ! My Dad would always tell me…”Everyone wants to hear their name and be heard so give that courtesy”. And heaven forbid I called someone “he”or “she” but that is another blog! 😂🙄

I’m trying Dad👍🙏

I have a very dear friend that absolutely loved the Song” Shut up and Dance” by Walk the Moon. I recall the first time I over heard Joycee singing the tune. I sat back and watched my friend pump her arms and bob her head and shout out the lyrics” Shut Up and Dance”! I thought my bud was losing it because I had never heard the song! The song was not on at the time, Joycee was just singing away solo without any accompaniment. I was just listening and observing my friend rocking out!!! I learned from my friend a new song, a new memory as I sat and listened and laughed with my friend !!!

We all want to be heard! We all want to have a voice and an opinion. We owe it to each other to show respect, compassion and kindness and to listen !!! Sometimes all it may take it to let someone be heard! And then when we ALL listen to EACH other and TAKE a turn it is then we can SHUT UP AND DANCE🕺🏻💃🙏

Stay Well🦩Stay Healthy🦩Keep drinking strong good coffee and the Good Wine🦩and always follow your True North🦩Flamingo Out🦩